Why Indian Students Continue to Choose Australia to Pursue Higher Studies Some Australian universities offer scholarships exclusively for pupils from the country

By Gurinder Singh Bhatti

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As one of the fastest developing economies in the world, India has made swift progress across multiple verticals, and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Be it in terms of better access to basic amenities, higher standards of living, or rise in income of its citizens, the country's growth is reflected in each and every aspect.

According to a 2013 report published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), up to 4.5 million students were enrolled in varsities outside their country of origin / citizenship that year. It was also found that Asian students from China, India, and Korea accounted for 53 per cent of international students.

In terms of most popular study destinations, English-speaking countries like the US, UK and Australia were most favored among students.

While the interest in the US and the UK has slightly gone down in the past couple of years due to various socio-economic factors, Australia has continued to retain its position as a favorable study destination among international students, especially those from India.

Latest figures on international students announced by the Australian government's Department of Education & Training shows that India is the 2nd biggest provider of international students (63,283) after China.

Let us explore what makes the island country a favorite among Indian students for pursuing higher studies:

Competitive Cost of Living

Australia has one of the best cost of living in the world. Expenses of living and also the college and university tuition fee are significantly lower than either the US or the UK.

However, students are still advised to prepare a budget for the duration of their stay in the country, prior to enrolling in any Australian university, in order to manage their finances well.

Students can also check if they are eligible for scholarships, which could help reduce their financial burden by a certain margin. Some Australian universities offer scholarships exclusively for Indian students. For example: RMIT University offers the Science, Engineering and Health scholarships for Indian students (Undergraduate), and Macquarie University offers PG Scholarships for students from selected Indian institutions.

State-of-the-art Academic Facilities

Another factor that influences international students to study in Australia is the availability of modern academic instruments and facilities that allow students to gain practical knowledge and significantly improve their overall learning capabilities.

Diverse Cultural Ambience

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that are multicultural as well as multiracial, and is also one of the most welcoming nations globally. Whether it is the cuisine or cultural influence, the diversity is visible in every aspect, and always has something to offer for non-native residents.

Moreover, India-Australia bilateral relationship has almost always been friendly and strong, making it quite easier for Indian students to study here.

Highly Coveted Education Institutions

Australia is home to some of the most globally reputable universities and education institutions in the world. The Australian National University, University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), University of Queensland, and University of Sydney are some of the top rated institutions for higher education in the country.

Student-friendly Environment

Australia is an international student's haven, which makes it one of the most student-friendly nations in the world. As per QS Top universities, the top seven student-friendly cities in Australia are: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Gold Coast.

Work Opportunities

International students studying in Australia are allowed to work for maximum 20 hours/week throughout the duration of their studies or course session. However, it is important to bear in mind that working beyond the pre-determined hours could result in cancellation of your student visa, so it is important to be mindful and respect the rules as long as you are living there.

Australia has lots to offer to anyone who is hoping to pursue their studies here, which is why it can be concluded for now that the nation is going to remain a popular overseas destination among Indian students hoping to study here.

Gurinder Singh Bhatti

Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global

Mr Gurinder Singh Bhatti, Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global. He is responsible for handling the entire organization, with major focus on financial planning as well as handling the sales & marketing for the entire group.

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