Want to Help Others Save Money? Check Out These 10 Tax Franchises.

With just days left to file this year's taxes, you may want to call one of these franchises for help.

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As one of the longest tax seasons in recent memory thanks to leap year, folks were afforded extra time for preparation.

Still, some wait until the last minute to file. In which case, these 10 tax services might prove useful:

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Daniel Ahart Tax Service

Founded in 2000, Daniel Ahart Tax Service has been franchising since 2005.

With 26 franchises units and one company unit, the average investment is about $35,450. The organization offers tax, bookkeeping and business services.

Fiesta Auto Insurance | YouTube

Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax

Founded in 1998, Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax has been franchising since 2006.

The company has 150 franchising units with an average investment of about $78,570. The service offers tax, car, home, commercial and motorcycle insurance ranking at No. 243 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list for 2016.

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H&R Block

Founded in 1955, H&R Block began franchising in 1956. It has 4435 franchise units and 6365 company units with an average investment of $90,352.5.

Ranked as No. 58 in the 2016 Franchise 500 list, H&R Block the organization provides discount tax services.

Happy Tax Franchising

Happy Tax Franchising

Founded in 2014, Happy Tax Franchising started franchising the same year with 35 franchising units with an average investment of $16, 200.

The business offers easy-to-use tax assistance at lowered prices.

Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service

Founded in 1972, Liberty Tax Service began franchising in 1973. It has 3941 franchising units and 178 company units.

With a ranking as No. 45 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 listing, the average investment is about $65,300.

One Stop Tax Services Inc.

One Stop Tax Services Inc.

Founded in 2009, One Stop Tax Services Inc. began franchising in 2014.

It now has 18 franchising units and 11 company units with an average investment of about $65,300. The organization provides quick and speedy tax assistance.



Started in 2014, SiempreTax+ started franchising in the same year.

With 124 franchising units and 20 company units with an average investment of about $57,800.

Tax Preparation Station

The Tax Preparation Station got its start in 1997 and began franchising in 2014.

With an average investment of about $56,750, the organization offers the services needed to wrap up this tax season and get a jump on the next one.

Tax Pros

The Tax Pros originally came to fruition in 2009 and started franchising in 2015 with four franchise units and two company units.

With a team of the best professionals in the biz, the average investment is about $132,025.  


Getting its first jump into the business in 1976, TaxLeaf.com started franchising in 2014 with three company units.

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The online based tax service has an average investment of about $108,706.

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