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How to Maximize Each Stage of Your Franchise Sales Funnel Using Video Deploying different types of content can help you close more franchise sales. Here's how.

By Trevor Rappleye

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This story appears in the June 2023 issue of Start Up.

Over the past decade, selling franchises has become an extremely competitive business. Any advantage that one brand can develop, cultivate, and deploy can make or break its success. And now more than ever, video marketing and production is a critical piece of franchise growth.

According to an internal survey from Franchise IQ, 87% of its customers indicated that the use of video — especially testimonials — was an important factor in their decision to purchase a franchise opportunity. Why? Because videos create lasting impressions in the minds of current and future franchisees.

Visuals are an incredibly powerful tool for conveying information and creating a connection with franchisee candidates — which isn't surprising, considering people spend a third of their time online watching videos. But to make them a powerful part of your marketing mix and help fuel your sales funnel, you need to know the specific type of video content to deploy at each stage. Here's what to do.

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Top of the funnel

Early on, the most valuable videos simply introduce prospects to your brand. Videos featuring the brand's CEO or founder can be great, since they give viewers an understanding of who is behind the company. It can also be effective to feature current franchisees who have developed and maintained a successful operation.

Beyond that, videos can respond to common objections potential buyers may have, or they can cover different candidate personas with the hope of establishing a personal connection with your next franchisee.

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Middle of the funnel

Now is the time to focus on building potential candidates' trust. Franchisee testimonial videos are great for this; they demonstrate how real entrepreneurs have benefitted from becoming part of your franchise family. You should also consider videos that showcase the actual support candidates can expect from your brand, because they'll show exactly who the prospective owners could be working with on a day-to-day basis. And "day--in-the-life" montages give candidates a sense of what their own lives might look like.

One caveat: Don't skimp on the storytelling at this stage.

You don't exactly want a movie-length segment, but if done right, these videos can really paint a picture that convinces a candidate that they can succeed as a franchise owner and enjoy a better life. Make sure you don't only film at HQ; show the life of the franchisee at home with their family and kids, too.

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Bottom of the funnel

This is your chance to create hype about the impending discovery day. Why is this important? Because it's the moment when potential candidates decide whether to join your growing franchise family!

Some of these videos can be all about the details, including the nitty-gritty about systems and operations. (Quick cuts of interrelated scenes can be effective and entertaining as well!) But the greater message of these videos should be that your potential customers will feel at home in the organization right away. A great example is a quick sizzle-style highlight reel showcasing all of the corporate employees working as a team. Then, a big, warm welcome montage could be the emotional closer you need to get that candidate to sign on the dotted line. After all, you want to demonstrate to prospects that they aren't just buying into a concept — they're buying into a family that cares about their success.

Trevor Rappleye

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Trevor Rappleye has been an entrepreneur since 2013 - beginning his first company at age 13 converting VHS to DVD. He now owns & and is obsessed with storytelling, leadership, video marketing and filming social proof for brands.

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