13 Value-Packed Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Maximize your commute and absorb lessons from experts on shows as short as five minutes.

By Eric Siu

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Let's face it: podcasts are back on the rise again.

It's clearly a renaissance that's worth paying attention to. Heck, there's even a podcast about starting a podcasting business.

The average commute time in the U.S. is 25.4 minutes. What if you could get one actionable takeaway from your favorite podcast in that 25 minutes? What would that be worth to you?

Here are 13 fantastic marketing podcasts to get you started on taking your business to the next level:

1. Social Media Happy Hour by Traci Reuter and Dawn Marrs Ortiz

This podcast comes in bite-sized episodes of five to 20 minutes and teaches you how to leverage platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you're looking for something quick and don't have a lot of time, this is the social-media podcast for you. Here's another kicker: there's a new episode every day! Subscribe here.

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2. Glen vs Google (ViperChill PodCast) by Glen Allsopp

Allsopp's SEO podcast stands head and shoulders above the other podcasts. He has done work for various Fortune 500 companies and is well known for sharing helpful SEO case studies both on his blog and in the podcast. Although Allsopp doesn't update his podcast as much, it adds great value for those interested in SEO. Subscribe here.

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3. Growth Everywhere by Eric Siu

I talk startup marketing and growth with entrepreneurs such as Neil Patel, Hiten Shah, Jason Lemkin and more. The podcast also has smaller episodes throughout the week that last five to 20 minutes with topics ranging from SEO, WordPress, hiring, operations and more. It airs five times per week. Subscribe here.

4. The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast by The Autoresponder Guy

If you want to learn the ins and outs of e-mail marketing (still one of the most, if not the most profitable marketing channels) then this is the podcast for you. It includes interviews with people such as Drayton Bird, who has been in the email game longer than most (and sold his agency to David Ogilvy). Subscribe here.

5. Antipreneur by Ben Settle

Known as one of the top email marketers and for having a controversial stance on many marketing topics, Settle also has an email list called "Email Players" (highly recommended if you want to learn more about email marketing). Pair this one up with The McMethod podcast and you'll shave months, if not years, off your email marketing learning curve. Subscribe here.

6. MyWifeQuitHerJob by Steve Chou

If you're interested in learning how to build a profitable online store, Chou is the guy. He helped his wife start an ecommerce business that did over $100,000 in profits in the first 12 months. Chou also interviews other marketers and entrepreneurs and shares their tips and tricks with you so you can drive more revenue for your online store. Subscribe here.

7. ConversionCast by Tim Paige

Want to learn more about increasing your conversion rates? Paige interviews others to get the scoop on real-world strategies and tactics people have applied to increase their conversion rates. If you're interested in increasing clickthrough rates, increasing the lifetime value of your customer or converting 30 percent of your leads, this is the podcast to listen to. Subscribe here.

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8. Growth Byte by Growth Hacker TV

Growth Byte is from the founders of Growth Hacker TV, a site that interviews marketing experts and startup founders on user growth and growth hacking. The podcast is small snippets of the best startup growth-related content -- two- to three-minutes long with a new episode appearing daily. Subscribe here.

9. Social Media Marketing Podcast by Social Media Examiner

Learn how successful businesses employ social media and learn cutting edge tactics with the newest social media platforms. Social Media Examiner is one of the premier websites for learning social media and its podcast is equally impressive, with 403 reviews and a five-star average. Subscribe here.

10. #AskGaryVee Show by Gary Vaynerchuk

Wildly popular and outspoken Gary Vee dares you to ask him your burning questions, which he'll cover on his show (typically under 10 minutes). With over 400 employees at his social-media agency, Vaynerchuk is sure to teach you a thing or two about utilizing social media to your advantage. Subscribe here.

11. AskPat by Pat Flynn

Successful online entrepreneur Flynn has quickly become one of the more prominent online marketers in the last few years by providing his audience with step-by-step guides on how they can build a successful living online. Learn about virtual assistants, passive income, SEO, list building and more. Subscribe here.

12. Seth Godin's Startup School by Seth Godin

Revered as one of the top thoughtleaders in marketing (and a best selling author), Godin shares his wisdom on startup marketing and how people can build and run their dream business. Subscribe here.

13. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

Porterfield is well known for her expertise in Facebook advertising. Her podcast offers thoughts on creating your own online courses, video marketing, webinars and more. Subscribe here.

Do you know of any other great marketing podcasts? Share them in the comments section below.

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Eric Siu

CEO, Single Grain. Founder, Growth Everywhere.

Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain. Single Grain has worked with companies such as Amazon, Uber and Salesforce to help them acquire more customers. He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Growth Everywhere, an entrepreneurial podcast where he dissects growth levers that help businesses scale. 


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