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3 Simple Body Language Tips to Turbocharge Your Selling From handshake to stance to tone of voice, your physical alignment with the client's presentation helps you close the deal.

By Marc Wayshak Edited by Dan Bova

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Did you know that body language and tonality account for over 90 percent of how you're perceived by others? If you're only thinking about what you're going to say when meeting a new prospect without taking body language into account, you're missing a massive opportunity to turbocharge your approach.

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The secret to effective body language in selling is to match your prospect. People are most comfortable with those who are like them; so, be a chameleon and you'll put anyone at ease. Read on to learn how you can mirror handshakes, body positioning, and tone of voice to form instant connections and ultimately to close more sales.

1. Pay attention to their handshake.

Handshakes are one of the most important body language factors in a sales meeting. After all, your handshake is your very first interaction with every prospect.

Some prospects will have a super strong handshake, squeezing your hand as hard as they can. Others will have a much softer grip. No matter where they fall on that spectrum, if you land on the other end, you can immediately make your prospect feel uncomfortable.

Pay attention to your client's handshake, then immediately adjust yours to match. This will put both of you at ease and lay a foundation for mutual respect -- all before you finish saying your names.

2. Watch how they sit or stand.

We draw a lot of immediate conclusions about people based on the way they sit or stand. You do it based on your prospects' body positioning, and they do the same to you. The best way to set yourself up for a successful selling situation is to match what your prospects are doing.

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For example, do they stand up? Lean in? Cross their arms? Don't be an exact mirror -- getting caught doing that would obviously be awkward for everyone. Instead, strive to generally match the other person's body language in order to put your prospect at ease. This tactic will help you close deals with even the toughest customers.

3. Listen to what they say and how they say it.

Tonality is made up of two parts -- volume and pace. To get started on the right foot with new prospects, strive to match them in both areas. For example, if your customers speak quietly, adopt that volume so that they don't feel like you're yelling at them. On the other hand, if they have use a strong voice, don't shy away and come in too softly. The disconnect will make them uncomfortable.

You'll also want to pay attention to their pace. In other words, do they speak quickly or slowly? This often reflects the geographical area where we live. New Yorkers, for example, typically speak at a much faster pace than those from Kentucky. Be aware of your natural pace and be willing to adjust to match your prospect.

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Have you ever considered the importance of body language in a selling situation? Which of these tips will you use to match your prospect and turbocharge your sales?

Marc Wayshak

Sales Strategist and Author

Marc Wayshak is the author of Game Plan Selling . As a sales strategist, he has created a system aimed at revolutionizing the way companies approach selling.

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