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3 Ways to Tweak What You're Doing Anyway to Generate More Leads

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Bringing in new customers is vital to the success of your company. Not only do you need to continually generate new customers to grow, but you also need them to simply survive in today's highly competitive landscape. Consequently, you need to leverage every method possible for generating leads.

Maximize your FAQs.

Make the most of the FAQ section on your website. You might be surprised to find that many visitors find their way to your website via "why" or "how" search engine queries, particularly B2B leads. To fully utilize this strategy, build up the FAQ on your website and make sure that it is fully optimized for search engine queries. Include a clear call to action in your FAQ section to ensure that you capture the most leads possible.

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Udemy and other online class sites.

Online education has rapidly become a popular method for learning. Online education marketplaces like Udemy provide an excellent income producing opportunity and the chance to get your name in front of a highly interested and motivated audience. Offering a free intro class for free is an effective lead-generation tool. What makes this tool even more appealing is you can message members of your audience any time to provide class updates, which essentially acts as an email opt-in.

To get started, search Udemy to find out which types of courses are already offered and which courses seem to be most popular. Are there any gaps? Is there a niche you could fill? Avoid offering courses that are too general in nature. Many people shy away from the thought of creating a video course, but if you already have blog posts or video content, you could likely repurpose that content into a course.

Offering free courses is an excellent way to build your brand and your leads at the same time. Prospective customers can get to know you, your business and your products or services. Once people are familiar with you, they will naturally seek out your paid services and products.

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Opt-in video content marketing.

Video content marketing has evolved into a powerful lead-generation tool. According to Digital Sherpa, 75 percent of users visit a marketer's website after viewing a video. To maximize video content marketing for lead generation purposes, require prospective users to provide an email, or agree to some other type of opt-in to view the content. When planning the production of videos for lead generation efforts, remember to provide content that is highly valuable and desirable, while keeping the videos short and bite-sized to hold your viewers' attention.

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