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5 Plays That Make Your Email Marketing Score The preparation and tactics that got the Seahawks and the Patriots to the Super Bowl apply to a winning email-marketing blitz.

By Seamas Egan Edited by Dan Bova

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Super Bowl XLIX is only a few days away and, with "Deflate-gate" for the Patriots and Marshawn Lynch's camera presence for the Seahawks, it's hard to avoid thinking about football, fan or not. But more than controversy or funny antics, the big game this weekend will be a great occasion for email marketers to learn from football pros.

The Super Bowl offers the biggest stage for players and brands alike, as millions of viewers tune in for the game. However, the opportunity to reach football glory also brings the chance of walking away in defeat. Similarly, email marketers have a significant opportunity every time they launch a campaign to gather the attention of prospective customers and generate leads, but can flounder if the wrong steps are taken.

To help email marketers avoid this pitfall and have championship success, Campaigner has pulled together the following email marketing playbook with five winning strategies to ensure victory on the field:

1. Dive into two-a-days.

When preparing for a big game, any good team is going to double down on practices to perfect their winning plays -- competition is fierce, and players need to be in top shape to beat their opponents. Likewise, email marketers should invest in pre-game prep to determine which campaign will score a touchdown. Use A/B split testing to test a variety of factors such as graphics, pricing, calls to actions, etc. to optimize a campaign and ensure that each and every email is generating revenue.

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2. Study, study, study!

Rest assured that the Seahawks and Patriots have spent hours in the film room studying their opponents to get where they are now. In a similar fashion, marketers should also conduct their own pre-game film study to ensure they know their contacts in and out. Study purchase histories and other metrics to send personalized messages that will promote brand engagement and ensure customer loyalty. Remember, the more information that marketers leverage, the more they'll know how to face opponents (or customers) effectively.

3. Blitz Into the inbox with triggered emails.

Despite the amount of prep time done, in the midst of a game there will always be unexpected blitz plays. This is when teams rely on quick reaction speeds to re-strategize on the fly. Luckily, marketers have one advantage in this situation: triggered emails. Setting up automated drip campaigns allow marketers to constantly get their brand out in front of their audience. Use triggered emails based on certain user actions to follow any expected or unexpected play. Automated triggers allow marketers to send highly relevant emails without having to take a time-out.

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4. Work with your star player, the subject line.

Fans are excited to see how the stars of each team will perform in what could be the biggest day of their professional sports careers to-date, especially the QBs Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. In the same way these athletes have prepared for their big showdown, marketers should invest in prepping their own secret weapon, the subject line. Subject lines are of the upmost importance, as they are the principal measure by which consumers judge whether they will open their emails or not. Prepare this season with creative subject lines what will be sure to grab a reader's attention. Use A/B testing to find the subject line that will lead the marketing team to victory.

5. Don't miss the chance at the prize.

Last year's Super Bowl viewership broke records with 111.5 million viewers, making commercial spots during the three to four hour block the most coveted in the industry. The Super Bowl for marketers when it comes to viewership? Transactional email. Just like the Super Bowl, transactional emails are the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness among consumers. By integrating marketing messages into transactional messages, marketers can secure further brand visibility and increase customer engagement. With these types of emails, it's a guarantee that they'll be opened and viewed – and hopefully, will influence repeat buyers.

By following these plays, marketers will be well prepared for any yellow flags and false starts that may come their way during their email campaigns. Remember, with the right preparation, automation, starting QB subject lines and well-leveraged opportunities to get in front of the target audiences, any marketer can develop and execute on a championship winning campaign.

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Seamas Egan

Associate Director of Revenue Operations for Campaigner

Seamas Egan is associate director of revenue operations for Campaigner email marketing. His experience in strategic development across multiple channels has resulted in working with small-business owners to global enterprises. Egan is particularly versed in digital media and email marketing.

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