Brain Break: I Took My Dog to Our Newsroom. Here's How My Day Went. We at Entrepreneur decided to test out if bringing a dog to work did indeed make everyone's day better.

By Andrea Huspeni

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Andrea Huspeni

At Entrepreneur, we have written and edited hundreds, if not thousands, of articles (no exaggeration) on how to make your workday a more productive and happier one. Everything from your morning routine to team-building activities and daily huddles can help your day. And bringing your dog to work is near the top of the list.

Indeed, research has shown having a four-legged friend with you at work can boost creativity, improve collaboration, increase employee morale, increase employee satisfaction and lower stress, to name a few benefits. Twenty percent of companies now allow dogs to work and there is even a day, Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 24, specifically dedicated to having your four-legged friend join you at the office.

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So we decided to test this hypothesis and bring my dog, Bentley, to work. While he may not be like the rambunctious (and absolutely adorable) puppies we had visit us from UberPuppies, he still had an impact on the office. This 15-year-old, deaf, half-blind dog, made my day, along with my co-workers'. He brought smiles, encouraged camaraderie and boosted our culture. But it was also a tad stressful for me. Having never brought my dog to work, I was paranoid about everything -- will he have an accident, will people be annoyed and is this too much for my senior pup? In the end, while I loved having him here, I was also quite happy for the day to be over.

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Check out Bentley's day at the office:

Getting on the big, scary train.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

While in transit on busy subway commute, the strap broke. Oy.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

People got up from their chairs to meet the little guy. He definitely got more hellos than I do in the morning.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Bentley is slightly concerned these people won't leave him alone.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

"Who is this little guy? What is his name? How old is he?" All were common questions for Bentley, and I was basically his PR agent, fielding these inquiries. This helped me socialize with my co-workers more, as I am usually glued to my computer screen.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Bentley continued to do loops around the office and sometimes got lost. Fortunately, he got some help finding his way back to me from our writer Lindsay Friedman.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Later staff writer Nina Zipkin stopped by and said, "This is my new favorite co-worker." Should I be offended?

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Senior writer Cat Clifford got down to his level for a cute photo-op (not sure if Bentley was as excited).

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

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Our editorial director, Dan Bova, tried to make friends with Bentley.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

He wasn't having it.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Dan trying again. (He wasn't getting the hint.)

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Having Bentely at the office also provided some thoughtful fodder on GChat. I learned a thing or two about my boss and how much she cares about my dog.

Linda: hazel doesn't like me

Sent at 10:27 AM on Thursday

me: Hazel?

Maybe if you got the dog's name right

Linda: isn't the dog's name hazel?

me: He would like you

Linda: are you sure?

me: No, that is the dog Carly met on the subway

Bentley (or Ben)


Linda: Question:

Did your dog CHOOSE this name?

Just sayin'

me: LOL

well he for sure and hell wouldn't choose hazel

Linda: you should check his twitter.

he's got all kinds of thoughts on it

Cat opened her heart and soul to Bentley … or she was just trying to figure out what he is doing on the chair.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Bentley is not so sure about being friends with Cat.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

During a meeting about pitches, editorial assistant Carly Okyle took in Bentley's love as we are talking seriously about business travel news.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Bently finally made his way back to my office to rest.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

He's now about to pass out after a long day at the office.

Image credit: Andrea Huspeni

Finally, happy hour with his buddy Lola.

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Image credit: Andrea Huspeni
Andrea Huspeni

Founder of This Dog's Life

Andrea Huspeni is the former special projects director at and the founder of This Dog's Life.

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