Even Experts Need Mentorship to Reach Their Full Potential If it's your job is to be the smartest person in the room, find someone even smarter to guide you.

By Terry Rice

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. But, what if it's your job to be the smartest person in the room? That's a challenge any expert may face, no matter what their expertise. Which leads to another inherent problem with expertise -- it's tempting to always go backwards and revist what you've already experienced, as opposed to trying new approaches. When you get that feeling, consider it a trigger to seek a mentor. I'm glad I did.

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After years of working in client-facing roles at companies including Facebook and Adobe, I started my private consulting practice. Although things have been going well, I recently felt compelled to do something different. However, I didn't know what "different" meant, or how to go about achieveing it. While watching Mike Koenigs' Entrepreneur Insider workshop The SuperBeing Breakthrough: Get Paid for Who You Are Instead of What You Do, I knew I wanted to connect with him one-on-one. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, 13-time No. 1 bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist. In fact, he's raised over $2.6 million dollars for the Just Like My Child Foundation.

During our session, which can be booked on Entrepreneur's Ask an Expert platform, he helped me develop a plan to increase my revenue and spend more time with my family. He also helped debunk the myth of passive revenue while providing me with a clear roadmap to achieve success on my terms.

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The plan we developed is as follows:

  • Repurpose existing content to create a lead magnet
  • Publish and promote an on-demand course
  • Launch a low volume, high-impact offering for consulting clients

But, knowledge uninvested in labor is wasted. Thats why for the next 10 weeks I'll be sharing my progress towards goals Mike and I outlined via Entrepreneur.com and Instagram. You can join in by posting your own goals and progress as an Instagram story. Each week, we'll share posts from various participants on Entrepreneur's Instagram. Learn more and sign up here.

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You can watch my mentoring session with Mike above; I'm sure many of you will pick up some valueable tips you can immediately implement.

Terry Rice

Entrepreneur Staff

Business Development Expert-in-Residence

Terry Rice is the Business Development Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur and host of the podcast Launch Your Business, which provides emerging entrepreneurs with the critical guidance needed to start a business. As the founder of Terry Rice Consulting he helps entrepreneurs make more money, save time and avoid burnout. He writes a newsletter about how to build your business and personal brand in just 5 minutes per week and created a revenue optimization checklist to help you multiply your income potential. 

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