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Finish Delayed Projects, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone -- and Drastically Shift the Momentum in Your Life Feeling stuck? Try these two simple things on a daily basis.

By Matt Mayberry Edited by Dan Bova

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One of the more popular questions that I get asked on a daily basis is how to create change and shift the momentum in your life. Whether you feel stuck at your current position at work, not seeing the results that you had originally hoped for or simply just not satisfied with how your life is taking shape, it doesn't have to stay that way like how a lot of people think it does.

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All of us from time to time will more than likely feel stuck at some point. The sad reality is that when most people feel stuck, they aren't intentional about creating change and shifting the momentum in their life and unfortunately continue on to live in quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau once said how most people live.

We as human beings have the incredible opportunity to change if we don't like how something is turning out in our lives. We can change our careers, characteristics about ourselves, learn new skills, get out of toxic relationships and embark on a new journey if the one that we are currently on isn't deeply fulfilling to us.

Once you know that you don't have to continue down a path that you don't want to, it all comes down taking action and creating the change yourself. A major pitfall where most fall victim to is that, deep down inside, they want to change, but they end up waiting for someone else to come along or for a specific circumstance to make the change for them. Waiting for change to come along and happen is a surefire way to continue to get the same results that you have been getting.

Here are two ways to help you create radical change and shift the momentum in your life.

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1. Pick three things daily that you have been procrastinating on, and make it a priority to finish them.

In order to create change in our lives, we not only need to see why things have been stagnant and what the root of the problem is, but we need to start taking massive action and get moving. When I feel stuck and sense that I am not moving forward in the direction of achieving my biggest goal at the moment, I take out a sheet of paper and make a master list of all the things that I have been putting off.

Some of the things on my master list can be important work projects, household chores, daily tasks, phone calls and emails. Some are small and some are big tasks. Some hold more weight than others, but I focus on just writing everything down. Whether you end up having five or 20 things on your list, the most important thing to do during this exercise is to then pick three things daily -- and complete them.

When I first tried this exercise, I was blown away at how quickly I was able to not only change my state of mind and happiness because I was finally finishing things that I have been putting off for so long, but how the momentum in my life all of a sudden shifted. Every day for one week straight, I picked three things that I have been procrastinating on made sure I carried through on finishing them by the end of each day. Give this exercise a try if you are looking to spark change in your life and get the momentum back in your favor.

2. Pick one thing that scares you and forces you to get out of your comfort zone -- and then do it.

I don't know a lot of things that help create a radical change and shift the momentum in your life more than forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone each and every day. Part of the problem as to why we feel stuck and not fulfilled is because most of the time, we have become complacent and stopped searching for ways to get out of our comfort zone. When we force ourselves to leave our comfort zone, we not only grow and become a little bit stronger throughout the process, but we begin to plant the seeds of change day by day.

Major changes for the better don't happen overnight. Just like anything worthwhile in life, nothing ever comes easy. The same goes for drastically changing your life, circumstances and overall success. Picking one thing that scares you and then following through on doing that one thing every day builds small victories which over time will bring the change and momentum that you are looking for.

I can tell you right now that nothing has benefited my life more than making it a daily habit for the past seven years to do one thing on a daily basis that at first scares me. It has helped me to grow into become a better version of myself, develop an inner strength that is required to achieve massive goals and increased my self-confidence levels through the roof. If you want to change and get the momentum back on your side, step out of comfort daily.

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There are a lot of ways to create change and shift the momentum in our lives, but the above two exercises have worked wonders for me whenever I felt stuck or lost momentum. I hope they help you to do the same.

Matt Mayberry

Keynote Speaker and Peak Performance Strategist. CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises

Matt Mayberry is an internationally-acclaimed speaker and maximum performance strategist. He is the CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises, a company that specializes in helping individuals and organizations escape mediocrity and claim their greatness. He is also a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears. 

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