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By Lynn Haller

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Distil Union Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock

Hoping to spur some creativity in your office? Try surrounding yourself with the design excellence of the products featured here. While there's no guarantee they'll spark ingenuity of your own, they'll at least make you look good while trying.

1. Emeco Sezz Swivel Chair

(; $1,405)

Tired of chairs that ruin the look of your otherwise stylish office with their padded and pedestrian shapes? This one, made of 80 percent recycled aluminum and hand-brushed to eliminate seams, blends in sleekly with any décor and can be customized with castor rollers or accessorized with back or seat pads.

2. Bobino Slim Pen

(; $4.95)

At an eighth of an inch thick, this pen, which comes in six colors, is easily stowed away in your favorite notebook or planner--just attach the included docking tab inside the cover and glide the pen on. Or forgo the tab and the pen doubles as a bookmark.

3. Philips SoundShooter Portable Wireless Speaker

(; $49.99)

Available in a variety of jewel tones, this speaker connects wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or music device. It includes a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and a carabiner clip, so it can be attached to a belt or bag. Recharge via a USB cord for eight hours of play.

4. Box Light

(; $275)

It's a light in a box; such simple ingenuity puts the dimmers and three-way lamps of yore to shame. Adjust the amount of light it gives off by sliding it in and out of its aluminum casing.

5. Ulu Desk

(; starting at $7,055)

It ain't cheap, but it sure looks good. This desk combines the durability and sturdiness of a lacquered steel base with the warmth of an oak top. The base cleverly uses the wall for stability, eliminating the need for four legs and thus saving floor space.

6. Distil Union Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock

(; $39.99)

The iPhone's great as an alarm clock, except for one thing: no snooze bar. A rubber bar atop the dock allows you to quiet the alarm (or incoming calls) with ease; the wooden frame provides a safe (and refreshingly low-tech) haven for your phone, so you don't knock it off your nightstand.

7. Praxis Hoock Clock

(; $40)

This rubber-face wall clock combines form and function by integrating the 12 o'clock marker with the hanging peg. Hands and hanger are available in a variety of colors.

8. Cyanics iStick Multifunction Desk Organizer

(; $39.95)

This desk organizer includes every feature you need to keep the area around your computer in order: a cup holder; slots for photos; spaces for pens, memo pads and business cards; a letter opener; and, in the digital realm, a mobile-phone slot, three USB ports and a memory-card reader.

9. Little Sun Solar-Powered Lamp

(; $25)

Little Sun's small, versatile lamp can provide an evening of light after five hours of solar exposure. It can be used as a pendant, lantern, table lamp, bike light or emergency light source when away from power. Even better, proceeds are dedicated to bringing affordable lighting to developing countries.

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