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The Secret That Luxury Influencers Like the Kardashians Know About Scaling Down Your Market for Bigger Impact How to use your expertise to become an icon and land $100K+ deals.

By Kathryn Porritt Edited by Dan Bova

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I know it may sound contrarian to some, but the secret ingredient to expert positioning in the luxury market is this: scaling down your target market.

It may sound intimidating at first. But when it comes to selling ideas and aspirations, turning the volume way up on who you are (while turning down most of the market) is the way to spark success at the premier level.

A top-down model instantly positions you as a high-caliber luxury brand that commands attention and communicates an air of exclusivity.

Taking this huge leap of faith can seem somewhat daunting...but it also resonates with these mavericks at the core of who you are. Your inner genius deserves the recognition of an elite clientele who is willing to compensate you for it. And an instinct deep inside of you knows that.

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When these visionaries step into their power and own their personal brand, they are able to sidestep the mainstream market and fill the gap at the height of their industry. This not only lays the foundation for their reputation as an iconic personality, but it will set a precedent for what's to come.

These marketing mavens leverage this expertise to hyper-target a sophisticated group with a high net-worth . . . and present their visions as coveted jewels.

Pre-positioning your premium offer where money is no object

Luxury influencers can connect the client with their ethos, and position themselves as the distinct person able to provide elite service above all others. By narrowing their focus, influencers of the highest-caliber build credibility, position themselves as visionaries and command top dollar for their services.

The Kardashian model of influencing can seem like the safer route on the surface...flooding the media with selfies and promotions can garner attention. After all, Kim K. has become a household name. However, the idea that influencers have to appeal to a vast audience to grow a fan base is a paradox.

We both know that expertise is the foundation that creates lasting value.

Only once an influencer has positioned themselves as an exclusive commodity should they introduce themselves and their growing influence to a wider audience to create a stream of passive income.

To be a luxury influencer who boasts a $100k offer is not for the faint of heart. Complete confidence is a prerequisite.

Some people simply will not like you, and that is ok. It's to be expected. Because being at this level is often polarizing. However, others will become devoted evangelists to your personal brand.

No one can compete with your unique vision

To be straightforward, luxury influencers are never concerned about the competition.

They are the movers and the shakers...the pioneers of their proprietary vision. They are timeless contributors to culture. They carry themselves with confidence knowing that there isn't one single person out there who can contribute the peerless perspective and expertise they have to offer.

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It has come to be expected of influencers to share the personal details of their growth, their journey, and their changing beliefs as they filter the world through their exceptional lens.

Even though this can create some trepidation in the mind of even the most confident innovator, this is the realm that separates those who lead from those to follow.

Those who are able to get really comfortable with the idea that they are not for everyone can create a space where they can shine. Remember, the influencers who try to be all things for all people aren't working within the laws of luxury.

Clients willing to pay top dollar for a specific aesthetic are not looking for someone who can do it all. They are looking for a leader to add value to their brand.

Forget the naysayers and those who do not understand you. Your devoted audience will breathlessly follow your every move.

This loyal tribe will gladly pay to allow your vision to influence theirs if they are provided with accessible ways to do so. It's a necessity as a high-end influencer to have an elegantly-run Facebook group overflowing with quality content and inviting discussions, a Clubhouse room, or other social media platforms where your fans can interact with others who believe in what you have to offer.

Once your reputation as an in-demand influencer is established, it is simple to leverage that into creating high-value products that do not place you in direct contact with your customer. Always keep direct access as a select, in-demand luxury that is only available to a select few willing to pay premium prices.

High-ticket influencers are behind the red velvet rope where personal 1:1 interaction is prized. They are an exclusive commodity. Not everyone has access to Elon Musk or Richard Branson . . . and that adds to their mystique, instantly making time with them a more desirable commodity.

Influencers are leaders, not teachers. The way they interact with the world, the choices they make, and the content they provide set that precedent.

They deepen your message to their audience and leverage their authority to create a wider impact. It's the perfect time to use your influence to create wealth and leave a lasting mark on the world.

Even in obscure niches with small audiences, my clients are booking $250k three-day consulting packages when they apply the skills to commercialize influence at the luxury level. If you are the best in the world at what you do, you too can leverage your unique genius into sophisticated and lucrative commercial deals like consulting, partnerships, product development, and licensing.

Kathryn Porritt

CEO & Founder, Icons Incorporated

Kathryn Porritt is a leading premium and luxury offer business strategist for personal brands and CEOs transitioning to their legacy business. Entrepreneurs who want to create a personal brand that sells million-dollar offers to luxury clients work with Porritt to achieve this.

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