10 Harsh Realities No Entrepreneur Can Deny

The marketplace is unforgiving and will kill the unprepared business person.

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By Grant Cardone

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We are a culture that wants to believe in fantasy and happy endings, like many of the classic fairly tales. In reality, life is tough and sometimes brutal. Most people are struggling to get by and just pay their bills. What you should be doing is changing your mindset so just getting by is no longer what you are reaching for.

It shocks me how many people are somehow surprised when they realize the harsh realities of life and business. Here is an important tip you should remember throughout the day every single day: You need to seek game-changing opportunities all the time. Most people don't have goals that are big enough, so they end up coming up short, feeling cheated and shocked by the unfairness of the world. While the world can be a rough place, you have probably been told that it's unfair. It is you, however, who is in charge of your destiny. You can write your own ending or final chapter.

To help prepare you, here are some brutal lessons that have helped me change the game throughout my life and keep me hustling every day.

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1. Success beyond basic needs requires hard work, dedication and commitment. You need more than just basic needs to succeed.

2. You need lots of money. That means more income, more savings and more investments.

3. Life isn't fair and neither is business. You can do all the right things and still not see a payoff. Life is good for a bunch, terrible for too many and great for a handful.

4. The world doesn't care if you succeed or fail. There are more people against you than there are pulling for you. Be prepared to be disappointed, let down and betrayed.

5. Bad things happen to good people and will happen to you. Everything you've worked for can disappear in an instant.

6. Despite all the troubles of competition, the economy, divorce, you are your biggest obstacle.

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7. You're not owed anything, entitled to anything and don't deserve anything you haven't earned.

8. You don't get to do what you want to do. You have to be willing to do things you don't want to do.

9. Learn how to sell, no matter how much you hate it. In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you ask for, can make sense of and negotiate.

10. You will always work for someone. No matter your position, there is no such thing as simply working for yourself. You will have to please others whether it's your customers, employees or shareholders.

It's time to create freedom and quit settling for just basic needs. It's time to grow up and face the facts. The world is not a fairy tale -- its brutal, it's unfair and most are underestimating what it takes to take care of themselves and their families. Learn from these life lessons and never settle for average.

Be great.

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Grant Cardone

International Sales Expert & $1.78B Real Estate Fund Manager

Grant Cardone is an internationally-renowned speaker on sales, leadership, real-estate investing, entrepreneurship and finance whose five privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $300 million.

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