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10 Quotes from Daniel Lubetzky On Living a Kind Life The man behind health snack brand KIND on how to find success through purpose.

By Emily Conklin

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While he is best known for his huge health food brand, KIND, Daniel Lubetzky wanted to create not only better snacks for people to enjoy, but a better world, too.

While he has been starting businesses since age 8, his first large-scale venture began in 1994 when he founded PeaceWorks, a business that seeks to combine profit and peace, fostering understanding and collaboration between countries of conflict.

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But he didn't stop there. Ten years later, KIND was born, the health food brand that took the industry by storm. KIND's guiding philosophy of "ingredients you can seeand pronounce," attacked the old giants of the industry. Offering a combination of health and flavor that proved to be irresistible, especially when coupled with the company's social sustainability and transparency,

KIND now pulls in a reported $727 million in sales annually, funding Lubetzky's philanthropic passion projects.

Lubetzky co-founded the socially responsible high-fashion brand Maiyet, as well as a myriad of philanthropic organizations such as the OneVoice Movement, the KIND Foundation and Feed the Truth. He is also the author of the best selling book, Do The KIND Thing, which focuses on purposeful entrepreneurship.

In all of his work, Lubetzky's message is clear: big business can find philanthropic satisfaction as well as and financial success through purpose-driven business models. The entrepreneur puts authenticity on the highest pedestal, and champions collaboration and independent entrepreneurship worldwide as a powerful stepping stone to success.

Check out these 10 inspiring quotes from the man spreading kindness throughout our world, one snack bar at a time.

On success

"When things are going well, you run the danger of starting to think your success is inevitable."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On leadership

"A strong leader avoids becoming over-confident to the point of impaired judgment."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On excellence

"Ownership carries with it a commitment to excellence."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On specialization

"You can only truly do one thing well at a time."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On responsibility

"At a certain age, an entrepreneur can no longer serve as the central point for all functions. You need better people than you."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On perseverance

"Pursuing what you believe in already constitutes success regardless of the outcome."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On purpose

"If you can find a purpose that defines you and imbues you with meaning, then channeling that passion and energy toward your business or vocation can be a source of near invincibility."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On mission

"The mission does not sell the product; the product sells the product."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On money

"Every successful company has a purpose and a value to give to society, beyond making money."

--Daniel Lubetzky

On satisfaction

"Striving just for money will limit your potential and never fulfill you because money is just a means to track and trade value."

--Daniel Lubetzky

Emily Conklin

Reporting Intern

Emily Conklin is a reporting intern at She is currently a sophomore at New York University pursuing a double major in journalism and urban design & architecture studies. 

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