12 Quotes From Google's Larry Page on Drive, Success, Creativity and Hard Work

To get you inspired, here are some wise words from the Google co-founder.

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Looking for a little inspiration? Look no further than Google’s Larry Page, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all-time.

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Now the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Page is the brains behind today’s most-used search engine (along with Sergey Brin, of course). On top of his incredible knowledge and ingenuity, Page is a forward-thinking, fierce visionary. By dreaming big, working hard and taking risks, Page is a perfect role model for any aspiring entrepreneur -- and he can also teach you a thing or two about running a successful business.

Check out these 12 Larry Page quotes on motivation, leadership, failure and more.

On motivation

"If you're changing the world, you're working on important things, you're excited to get up in the morning." -- Larry Page

On leadership

"My job as a leader is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, and that they feel they're having a meaningful impact." -- Larry Page

On hard work

"What is the one sentence summary of how you change the world? Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting!" -- Larry Page

On the future

"Lots of companies don't succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future. I try to focus on that: What is the future really going to be?"

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On dreams

"You never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby." -- Larry Page

On risk

"If you're not doing some things that are crazy, then you're doing the wrong things." -- Larry Page

On success

"You're probably on the right track if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm." -- Larry Page

On getting started

"It is often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition." -- Larry Page

On opportunity

"When a really great dream shows up, grab it!" -- Larry Page

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On challenges

"The best people want to work the big challenges." -- Larry Page

On empowerment

"It seems like the world is crumbling out there, but it is actually a really great time in your life to get a little crazy, follow your curiosity and be ambitious about it." -- Larry Page

On mindset

"Have a healthy disregard for the impossible and actually build new solutions." -- Larry Page
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