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5 Nuggets of Advice Given to Me by Billionaires

The richest people on the planet seem more interested in meeting a challenge than accumulating redundant wealth.

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Everyone wants to know what the super-rich did to be successful. Millionaires give some great advice, but for me, are on an entirely different level. I've rubbed shoulders with both millionaires and billionaires and over the years , and I've received many wise words of advice.

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Here are the best five words of advice I've received from billionaires over my career.

1. "It was never the that made me work so hard."

It's easy to think that a millionaire would want to be a because everyone loves money. But what billionaires frequently say to me is that it's not about the money at this point. Most of them already have more than they know what to do with.

It's the challenge of building something great that motivates them to keep working hard. The money is just a measure of that by this point.

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2. 'Determination, believing in myself and perseverance got me through the hard times."

No billionaire has ever become a billionaire without some setbacks along the way. I was told that only perseverance and determination encouraged them to keep going, even when many of their friends and family members were telling them to give up on their idea. Sometimes you must go against the grain if you're going to get what you want.

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3. "Having too much money can alienate you from the world."

Some billionaires I've met even grieved having so much money. They say that having so much money alienates them from the real world. They're living in gated communities and flying in private jets, so when are they going to meet the ordinary man in the street? It's a message I took to heart, and I make an extra special effort to stay in touch with the average person to avoid this from happening.

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4. "Luxury gets old quick."

The millionaire lifestyle gets old quick. For the billionaires I met, the thrill of owning a sports car and a giant mansion wears off quickly. They said the biggest demon they faced was keeping their levels high. It's why it's important to find something you're truly passionate about. Find something that fulfills you in life.

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5. "Great success takes time."

Very few of the billionaires I met were young men and women. Many of them had fast money, and a lot of them lost that fast money just as quickly as they gained it. Only a lifetime of dedication and fulfillment will give you the rewards you're looking for and the purpose every human being searches for.

Don't expect any miracles overnight.

You need to learn from the best. It's impossible to succeed without them. Go out of your way to speak to someone more successful than you. Find out what makes them tick and what has helped them become successful. Different perspectives can lead to great revelations in life.

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