5 Things Super-Successful Entrepreneurs Do (That Most People Don't) When you see many different successful people doing the same things, it's worth learning the lessons and habits.

By Daniel Priestley

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Over the last 20 years, I've spent countless hours with some of the world's most highly-paid speakers (who get $10K-$100K per talk) and successful entrepreneurs (who have had $100M+ valuations/exits). Here are my key observations on the common elements I've witnessed in them all:

1. They perfect their pitch and give it to everyone

They have a well-crafted pitch and they deliver it to almost everyone they meet. It sounds completely natural but you hear them deliver it the same way over and over and over again. You'll hear the same well-crafted stories, examples, facts, etc coming across in every conversation. It's as if they are on a mission to deliver 1000 great pitches.

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2. They are prolific in their output

They are constantly producing. In particular, they are publishing content — articles, blogs, videos, books, etc. They don't let perfection stand in the way of output. It's as if they want to fill up the internet with their message. They'll be writing in transit, they'll be tweaking slide decks between meetings and they will be filming a video in the backseat of an Uber ride. Rarely do they waste a minute that could be spent producing something.

3. They have adjacent revenue streams

The real money is made behind the scenes. They have products and businesses that are generating money regardless of where they are or what they are doing. It's like they are the Eiffel Tower but the money is being made in the surrounding shops. You might think they are making money speaking on stage but the real money will be made during the meetings they have before and after and relate to their real business interests. It's as if the speaking fees are the pocket money and the business value creates true success.

4. They are ultra-protective of their reputation

They build it like it's an asset they intend to pass on for generations. They will drop everything to protect or build their personal brand. If someone is threatening their reputation or the reputation of their business, they are all over it. Getting featured on the right platform is one of the highest priorities. They see their profile as the key to making sure their message reaches a wider audience and unlocks the next traunch of resources.

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5. They have mastered partnerships

They are masters of joint ventures and partnerships. In many first meetings, they will arrive at heads of terms for a deal. They can identify what role you could play to support their vision, they figure out what you want in return and they structure a deal that delivers both — often in under 60 minutes. They understand that it's faster and easier to leverage existing resources rather than recreate the wheel. They spot the win-win in the relationship and they know how to lock it down.

It's no accident when people succeed over and over again. When you see several of these people doing the same things, it's a powerful reminder that there are habits to success.

Daniel Priestley

CEO, Dent Global

Daniel Priestley is the author of four best-selling entrepreneurship books. He's the co-founder of Dent Global, a leading business accelerator and marketing tech platformScoreApp.

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