6 Steps to Choosing Offers That Sell Follow these six steps to learn how to generate ideas and turn them into offers that sell.

By Katrina Ruth

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If you want to be really great at something, you need to do it on repeat. More than that, you need to repeat it so much so that it becomes part of who you are. When it comes to creating offers that sell, this couldn't be more true. And the good news? You can train yourself to generate fresh, exciting, valuable content and offers for your clients and audience. The first step is to put yourself in a state of creative abundance through active practice.

1. Actively practice coming up with ideas

It's important to recognize that ideas are, in fact, everywhere. When you allow and create the space for ideas to reveal themselves, they begin to show up effortlessly. One way to allow and create this space is through the practice of journaling. Sitting down and spending even five minutes a day on generating ideas and writing anything and everything that pours out of you is an effective way of tuning into and accessing ideas.

Remember, it is a practice. It's also a practice to trust that what comes through you is meant to come through you. You need to allow for and dedicate space for ideas daily until it becomes automated (which, it will).

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2. Act right away — ideas have a shelf life

More often than not, entrepreneurs and creators make a habit of saving ideas for later. This is not recommended. It's also not recommended to try and re-use old ideas that you didn't initially act on for whatever reason.

Ideas come to you when they're energetically "alive." If you don't act on them, they die. It's simple. It's okay to let them pass by. Keep moving into the belief that ideas that sell are abundant and available to you all the time. You don't need to dredge up yesterday's ideas out of fear of not finding something fresh and alive for today.

3. Follow what you feel most excited about

The number one, most important thing when it comes to choosing which ideas to run with and launch, is to follow what you're excited about, passionate about and believe in. That is, unless you believe that what you're here to share with the world is not what interests or excites you, in which case, do as you will!

One way to look at it is this: People pick up on your energy, so if you're into something, they will feel and respond to that. And if you're not? Well, they won't, and they can't. Selling it will then be a painful process for all concerned.

When you're selling something you fully believe in, ideas for how to sell it flow naturally from you. You don't have to manufacture a connect-the-dots sales process! The other reason you should only sell something you fully believe in, is that you'll just struggle to do what you need to do as far as motivation goes. This is going to be true whether or not you're driven to make the money from it.

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4. Ideas that teach something

If you're truly stuck on ideas that sell, or if you have some kind of story going on in your head that people don't want to buy what you are into, then the following is one of my simplest hacks to get you in the "ideas that sell" zone.

Try asking yourself what it is that you feel so connected and enthused by in your life that you actually forgot to think about, because it is so automated. This is likely something you benefit from, because you live by it and have mastered it through discipline and probably years of practice. Maybe it's an exercise routine, cooking, journaling or perhaps a meditation practice?

When you share with people something that you do well day in and day out and the results you get from it, (and it's, of course, relevant to their desires), they will buy it. Think about it. Would you rather buy information on how to do something just because someone promises to teach it to you? Or would you rather just know what they do?

5. Choose ideas you want to follow through on

If you're not truly behind your offer and willing and wanting to let people know, repeatedly, why they have to have it now, then it will more than likely drown out in the sea of social media buy-now offers.

Don't for a second imagine that just because you posted about it on social media that people saw it, and that's all you need to do. You must be willing, and responsible enough, to hit the email or contact list over and over again!

6. Decide you are abundant in ideas

The final step for learning how to generate ideas and turn them into offers that sell is to make an important decision. You need to internally decide and create a belief that you are abundant in ideas, that ideas flow to you and for you, and that you trust your offers will sell!

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Remember, the fastest way to achieve success in any area of life is to create a habit around it, and from there, step into being it. You want to come up with offers that sell? Practice the steps above, and soon enough, you will be that confident entrepreneur who sells successfully, on repeat.

Katrina Ruth

Success Mindset & Online Business Coach

Katrina Ruth is a prolific writer and author of over 50 Amazon best-selling books. She is a thought shaker and speaker who runs a multi-million dollar coaching business, mentoring and guiding the natural-born leaders who want to do business and life on their own terms!

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