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7 Authors Sharing New Ways to Reach Age-Old Success Success isn't just for the lucky. It's for anyone with drive and the spirit to learn. Get the kick-in-the-pants inspiration you've been missing with these seven great new reads.

By Peter Daisyme Edited by Heather Wilkerson

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Success. It's the goal of every entrepreneur. Yet what it looks like varies wildly.

For some inventors, seeing their ideas come to life is a signal of success. Other founders don't feel successful until they've whizzed past the million-dollar revenue mark. Many leaders set up success journeys, noting "mini successes" when they reach them.

Regardless of how you define success, you'll want to figure out how to achieve it. One method can be through learning what worked for dreamers like you. That's where taking advantage of fresh-from-the-press business books can help.

The following seven books focus on different strategies to help you get to your version of "success." Read a few or all for insightful ways to guide your planning and decision-making.

1. Elijah Stacy — A Small If

Most people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are lucky to make it to their mid-20s. That means the clock is ticking for Elijah Stacy, a young man who isn't willing to let Duchenne's rob him of hope. A Small If walks readers through Stacy's challenging physical therapy regime that left his spine re-shaped — and his determination to adopt a flexible mindset more solidified than ever.

Stacy puts forth his own formula for using circumstances, even negative ones, to drive positive actions and unfettered adaptability. You'll hear about the seeds of Destroy Duchenne, his signature non-profit to battling the condition threatening to take away his mobility. You'll also start understanding how to see the obstacles ahead of you in a fresh light.

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2. Stan Bernard — Brands Don't Win

It seems to be the time of the disruptors — or those who practice a Transcender System™, a term coined by Stan Bernard. He begins Brands Don't Win by talking about all the top names in the business world that turned against traditional branding strategies. Instead, they refocused their efforts in novel ways and wound up moving into leadership positions.

As a company leader, you can use the Transcender System™ no matter your market or industry. Find out how to write a playbook that works for your company — and leaves others behind before they know you're miles ahead. If what you've been doing hasn't produced serious traction, you may be stuck in an old-school rut. Set your organization free by revamping your focus.

3. Melanie Pump — Detox

What's the real reason so many businesses stumble, falter and fail? Melanie Pump has seen plenty succumb to toxic cultures. Though not intentional, many leaders and managers create unhealthy working environments that lead to massive disengagement, constant turnover and lowered morale.

Even if you think that your company has a truly transparent, open-door policy, take a look at Detox. You might find a few gaps in your policies and processes that make it tough for your team to get ahead. Remember: The way to get to a healthy, attractive bottom line is with a healthy, energized workforce. If necessary, that might mean going through a bit of restorative Detox.

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4. Matt Rolfe — You Can't Do It Alone

Though written for professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry, You Can't Do It Alone carries helpful wisdom for any high performer. Matt Rolfe unveils his strongest coaching secrets, many of which concentrate on looking inward before outward. That is, taking care of your people before you can take care of your customers.

Have you ever been super-impressed by the way a hotel or convention center delivers unparalleled service without a hitch? Your company can hit that level of friction-free workflows, too. Make sure to bookmark important passages as you make your way through You Can't Do It Alone. And keep a notebook by your side because your homework will include a 100-day plan toward success.

5. Fred Joyal — Superbold

What is your boldness factor? Are you the shy one on the block, like author Fred Joyal used to be? Or is your bold quotient in full bloom, like Joyal's boldness is now? Superbold offers a tell-all as to how Joyal learned the skill sets needed to feel confident doing… well, practically anything.

If you've ever felt overcome by hesitation when making a cold call or settling on a significant choice, you need a jolt of bold power. Check out Superbold to understand how to level up your bold factor in 90 days through Joyal's exclusive PRIDE (preparation, relaxing, insight, dosage, everyday action) method.

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6. Benjamin Wolf — Fractional Leadership

You don't need to be told that the world is undergoing a radical hiring shift leading to labor shortages. Perhaps that's one of the reasons you don't feel like you're nearing your goals quarter after quarter. Benjamin Wolf has your answer, though: Hire experts on a fractional basis.

Fractional Leadership examines the ultra-modern practice of bringing C-suite leaders into your organization as independent consultants. This allows you to gain the advantage of having experienced peers without necessitating that you hire a permanent replacement for the role of CFO, CIO, CMO or other executive position. Don't worry if you're new to fractional sourcing: Wolf lays out the rules for tapping into fractional leaders ready to make your company shine.

7. Scott Danner — Freedom Street

Does it seem strange to think that a financial advisor might need help preparing for the future? It's not odd at all, especially to Scott Danner. He's a financial advisor who helps other advisors lean into the skills they use with their clients to create "rich" lives.

Freedom Street talks about why many entrepreneurs have the answers to play sherpa for others but have trouble using what they know to define and reach their own objectives. You don't have to be knee-deep in the world of finance, either. You can master Danner's practices for writing the chapters of your personal book no matter what your field.

Forget about coveting everyone else's success. Stop spending long nights wondering why you're not achieving what you know is possible. Grasping the brass ring may be as easy as immersing yourself in a few books.

Peter Daisyme

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Co-founder of Hostt

Peter Daisyme is the co-founder of Hostt, specializing in helping businesses host their website for free for life. Previously, he was co-founder of Pixloo, a company that helped people sell their homes online, which was acquired in 2012.

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