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7 Characteristics of Exceptional Business Professionals These resilient individuals confidently pursue their goals, mindful and appreciative of others around them.

By Sherrie Campbell Edited by Dan Bova

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Standout business professionals are resilient. They overcome challenges by developing the wisdom needed to surmount all the traumas, stress, shifts in responsibility and change the business world sends their way.

These exceptional business pros don't entertain negativity and continue to push on with a strong sense of organization, patience and fortitude -- when business is slow and especially when it's flowing. Resolute, they may move slower while contemplating their path. But they have an inner strength and tenacity that makes them successful at high levels over the long term.

Here are seven qualities these exceptional business professionals possess:

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1. Self-respect.

Powerful businessmen and -women do not count on others for their sense of self-worth, drive for success or personal or business satisfaction. These people soothe themselves when life and business get tough and continue to operate with a sense of composure.

When business is stressful and challenging, these standouts tap into their strength and pliability and continue forward with the faith that all things will work out in their favor. That's because they deeply believe in their value and worth, their goals and the importance of the business mission.

2. Self-control.

Exceptional business professionals are internally driven, confident and in control of their emotions. They're not needy, desperate or overly reactive. They view a rejection as providing direction toward a new and even better opportunity. They don't get down when challenged. They rise up.

These super achievers don't depend on others for resources. They are passionate about their business goals and deliberate in their pursuit of a larger purpose. They are completely committed to living their personal legend don't let outside influences deter them from their focus.

And exceptional business pros view risk as rewarding -- as something that provokes the expansion of their business aspirations. They're not afraid of failure and don't fear success. They welcome and celebrate the results of their efforts, taking great pride and joy in their journey, not just their destination. It's their joy that drives their resilience to keep expanding and pressing forward in business.

3. Discernment.

Great business professionals are discerning about the company they keep and whom they choose to work for. They're aware that negativity is drama producing and are mindful about whom they surround themselves with.

They secure mutually beneficial business and personal relationships, understanding that without such arrangements, nothing productive can be gained over the long term. Their personal relationship choices are important to them as they're mindful that a dearth of personal happiness dilutes their energy for business pursuits.

4. Class.

Powerful business professionals understand that less is more. Hard work is vital to their persona. They let humility lead the way so that their success, not their mouth, does the talking. These individuals know that intelligence, speech, style and posture are all subtle ways to communicate their worth. They take care to be well-spoken, elegant, graceful, charismatic and social. Their demeanor is quietly infectious.

When powerful businessmen and -women are present, their understated qualities make them stand out and shine. They are wise in understanding that confidence doesn't need attention; it draws attention.

5. Caring.

Powerful businesspeople do whatever it takes to rise in the morning to feed and nurture their children, pets, partners, career and themselves. No matter the pain present in their lives, these great professionals continue to work hard to support those who depend upon them -- from family to employees.

Nurturing what they're passionate about is part of who they are at their core. And this makes them great leaders and providers -- individuals whom others want to work with and for.

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6. Toughness.

Powerful businesspeople are shrewd, focused and determined. They keep their efforts focused on their goals regardless of the distance required to travel to fulfill them. Reinventing themselves is part of their DNA.

They're aware that they can pull from where they don't have if put to the test in high-pressure situations. They feel stress just like anyone else but tough-minded business professionals never quit.

7. A focus on others.

Exceptional business professionals see the good in other people. They value intelligence and character displayed by others and perceive them as interesting people to learn and grow from. Successful businesspeoples don't need all the attention focused on them because they enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of others as much as they love their own.

These achievers are aware that in life and business, there's always enough (love, money, success and passion) for everyone and believing otherwise only blocks opportunity. Therefore, they are not jealous and don't sabotage others' success. Instead they often compliment others and are smart about genuinely making people feel valuable.

Resilient businesspeople feel things deeply, love fiercely and are willing to work tirelessly. They embrace their emotions without letting them hold them back. Standout business professionals are humble and powerful, practical and passionate -- genuine with exceptional character. They pursue with integrity the goal of being the best in their business and don't give up until they get there.

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Sherrie Campbell

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Sherrie Campbell is a psychologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., with two decades of clinical training and experience in providing counseling and psychotherapy services. She is the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person. Her new book, Success Equations: A Path to an Emotionally Wealthy Life, is available for pre-order.

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