7 Nations Eager to Welcome American Entrepreneurs

The US seems poised to withdraw the welcome mat for immigrants but many other nations have an open door.

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Many Trump opponents fear the next four years will bring inflation, lost healthcare, reduced benefits, lower wages, reduced Social Security and a multitude of other difficulties, including new troubles for business startups.

For American startups, the future is shaky. During the 17 months of the campaign, Trump's position on various issues changed almost daily.

A recent survey showed U.S.companies are holding more than $2 trillion in profits abroad. More and more American businesses are relocating. While most probably are going for reasons other than Trump's election, many are. Regardless, many American entrepreneurs are evaluating their options now to leave the country. It's nothing new.

Each election season somebody threatens to head north to Canada if their candidate-of-choice doesn't gain the White House. Using Google searches as a barometer, 2016 might be the year that people do it. On Wednesday following Election Day, Google reported that searches for "Move to Canada" were the highest they've been in the search engine's history. But it's not just Canada.

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If the idea of staying on the very continent as "President Trump" is too critical, there are other nations have a relatively simple immigration procedure, stable economies and English is widely-spoken. If prayer is your thing, pray for the America you want to be in. If that doesn't help, start checking out options.

1. New Zealand.

For American business owners thinking about leaving the USA, New Zealand generated a complete Web page to make it as simple as feasible.

Potential Kiwis express their excitement and sign up for a tailored and easy-to-follow guide to the visa application procedure. A spokesperson for the government told Radio NZ that over 70,000 online visitors were from America. The regular daily visitor count? Just over a thousand.

2. Ireland.

Americans can remain in Ireland for up to ninety days absent a visa. Any greater requires a visit to immigration. The process is easy -- for anyone who can get a job. The only other choices are marriage to an Irish person, begetting a baby on Irish soil or claiming refugee status.

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3. Canada.

The archetypical destination for frustrated Americans, Canada has been flooded with site visitors this week, and the nation's website about their visa has crashed -- more than a few times. With an open immigration policy and an expedited method for experienced employees, Canada is welcoming anyone and everyone.

Regarding "feel," Canada's principal municipalities aren't that different from America's. Canada has sufficient wilderness for anyone wanting to vanish from the grid and immigrants get twelve months of free entrance to the nation's national parks.

4. Sweden.

Sweden is frequently commended for its easy and open immigration policies. Around 15 percent of the Swedish population are foreigners and newcomers. An application to immigrate to Sweden can be completed online. A person can stay a few months in Sweden looking for work -- even absent a visa.

5. Mexico.

The peso dropped precipitously when a Trump Presidency became real; the plus side for Americans going to Mexico means life will be cheaper.

6. Serbia.

Serbia's immigration by investment program is one of the newer ones. The concept, first started by St. Kitts/Nevis in the 1980s, allows a family to become citizens of the central Europe nation. Sweeping mountain vistas fold around lush meadows, small towns and villages, medieval castles and a welcoming culture. The best part? Americans heading to Serbia are free from Trump and can enjoy visa-free travel to over 120 nations.

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Serbia's government is taking a progressive approach for business owners and especially new startups. The government has implemented a citizenship-by-investment program for entrepreneurs that can be customized, within reason, to the pocket book and requirements of startups.

It's not just business startups that are going to Serbia; Hollywood celebrities are as well. Steven Seagal obtained his Serbian citizenship in early 2016. "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston is also planning to go.

7. Argentina.

The South American nation joins Ireland in being one of the easiest country in which to immigrate. Buy a ticket, fly down and stay 90-days visa free. On the 90th day, just leave the country -- and return. It's that simple.

With the current President, Mauricio Macri, celebrating his first full year in office on Dec. 10, Argentina is opening doors for startups. A huge first step in being "new business friendly" happened when the South American nation paid off a 15-year old multi-billion dollar debt to American financier, Paul Singer.

On your 89th day in the country, buy a ferry ticket, cross Rio de Plate to Uruguay, eat lunch and then head back to Argentina. Every 90-days. The trip is fast -- about an hour each way, and it's inexpensive. A ferry ride, round-trip, costs about 300 pesos -- or about $20 per person.

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