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8 Reasons Using AI Will Improve Your Content Creation Process Working smarter, not harder, has never been more relevant. Using artificial intelligence for your content creation will help you do just that.

By Iman Bashir Edited by Kara McIntyre

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It's Monday morning and you've just begun your work week. You have your coffee and sit at your computer ready to take on the day— and then it hits you — you have two blog deadlines to be submitted by the end of the day. Right before the panic hits its peak, you remember you have an AI-powered copywriting assistant. If this sounds like you, it's time to leap into 2022 and explore the remarkable world of AI copywriters. If you're not already using one, here are eight reasons why you should start right now.

What's an AI-powered copywriter? AI copywriting is the process of content generation through machine-learning software. This is done by training an algorithm to search through millions of web pages for patterns, and then using that knowledge to craft new content on a set topic. Using the latest in natural language processing, artificial intelligence is now able to mimic and understand complex human emotions.

1. Save time

Copywriter tools can give you a ton of material to work with in seconds allowing you to skip over your tedious research and outline development. You can take the best parts of what the AI writes and combine it with your own creativity to piece together your content in half of the time. Manage your time better while not budging on quality.

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2. Improve ROI

A well-executed blog strategy and call to action can drive high volumes of targeted traffic to your website. Strategic on-page content will keep people engaged with your site and encourage them to sign up for your email list. Educational email content will keep them interacting with your brand until they are ready to purchase. What do all of these things have in common? Top notch copy. Oh — and a lot of time and effort when performed manually.

While a solid content strategy can yield remarkable results, it is a laborious task that can be resource intensive. Implementing AI as a tool in your copywriting process can streamline your content strategy and optimize efficiency improving your overall ROI.

3. Increase leads and conversions

Content Marketing has become a cornerstone of the sales funnel. It creates three times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 64% less. To keep generating new leads that turn into customers, businesses must have a strong content strategy in place. This can be difficult to maintain as the need for content is ever-growing and changing. Thankfully, there are AI copywriters who can help you keep up. Using an AI copywriter will increase your work output, enabling you to produce more content to drive more leads through your sales funnel.

4. AI is more accurate

While humans have advantages that computers do not such as emotions like passion and empathy, one area we slip up in is our ability to make mistakes. Even the best writers are known to make an error here and there while their AI counterparts build sentences with perfect structure and grammar without fail. Besides being able to create flawless content off the cuff, AI can also help fix existing paragraphs through checks for grammar and even readability.

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5. AI is reliable

There are a lot of variables at play when relying on humans to deliver quality content and meet their deadlines. Humans get sick, take time off for vacation and have bad days. While these are facts of life, they can all impact quality of work. The AI copywriter will be able to get the bulk of the job done in minutes and will never tell you they need a break. The human copywriter can then workshop the content that their AI assistant created and complete the task in a short amount of time.

6. No more writer's block

If there is any one reason for copywriters to adopt an AI tool immediately it's the fact that they can eliminate writer's block by providing you with unlimited inspiration. There is truly nothing worse than sitting down to write and staring at your open doc only to have no words or phrases come to you. AI copywriters can give you a sense of direction in seconds.They completely alleviate the anxiety that comes with watching the clock pass while you draw up zero ideas and eradicate the blank page of death that writers know all too well.

7. Lower costs and higher quality

When thinking of going AI, compare human versus AI costs for content creation. AI copywriters generally operate on a monthly subscription basis with reasonable rates for the robust service they provide. Conversely, human copywriters are notorious for coming with a high price tag. The highest quality solution is using humans and AI in tandem.

Business owners using their own in-house team for content can save money by pumping out content at a more efficient pace, ultimately allocating employee time to other tasks and maximizing productivity. Freelance copywriters will benefit from this as well by getting their client work completed for their deadlines while exceeding expectations in quality — this will enhance their reputation attracting more clients and also allowing them to scale their own businesses more effectively.

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8. Stand out from the competition

When it comes to standing out from your competitors, consistent branding is everything. Developing your unique brand voice and shouting it from the rooftops is essential and starts with content marketing. For a content strategy to be successful consistency is key which can be easily accomplished with an AI copywriter. The days of having to write an entire blog or social media post from scratch are gone, making the daunting task of content marketing much more realistic to implement into your business plan.

9. Repurpose existing content

There are only so many topics within a niche that can be addressed, yet consumers expect new content from brands like clockwork. As a result of this high demand for constant updates, repurposing old content has become integral to a successful strategy. The challenge as a writer is to find new ways to say the same thing. AI, on the other hand, can do this and excel at it with limited information and in record time making this trying component of copywriting seamless.

The possibilities are endless

The best part about AI copywriters is that the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you are looking to generate a title for YouTube, write a thank you email or create the foundations of an entire blog post, AI tools are up for the challenge. These tools make writing for any medium super convenient and allow copywriters and business owners alike to be more efficient while always producing optimal outcomes.

If you're ready to streamline your content creation process and manage your time more effectively check out some of the leading AI copywriters today.

Iman Bashir

Founder of Craftly.AI

Iman Bashir is an UX/UI designer and full-stack developer with a passion for crafting visual identities. Specializing in search-engine optimization, she found a way to do it at scale with artificial intelligence: Craftly.AI. Her interests include design, SEO, growth hacking and female empowerment.

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