Donald Trump's Top Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs You can love or hate Donald Trump. But you can't ignore him.

By Jonathan Li

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Entertaining and confident, Donald Trump is currently the most popular presidential candidate in the U.S. Though I don't support his policies, Trump is one of the best speakers in this presidential election.

I interviewed media training expert TJ Walker on seven speaking tips from Donald Trump, and how we can apply these tips to grow our businesses.

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1. Use simple words.

Trump doesn't use big fancy words. He uses simple words that even a 10-year-old can understand. His point of view is in black and white, "This is good, that is evil. Here's what I'll do, here's what I won't do." The audience can understand him clearly.

How to apply in your business: Instead of talking about your boring product features, focus on the benefits your products bring. Use simple language to describe your products so target customers can understand and buy from you.

2. (Appear to) believe in what you say.

We may disagree with Trump's extreme ideas on anti-abortion or immigration control. But when we see him talking about an idea, he appears to believe it is the greatest idea in the world. He believes that this idea is going to make America great again.

To make people believe you, you have to believe in what you say. Don't say, "There's a 54 percent chance that it could happen. And there's another scenario…." Take a stance.

How to apply in your business: When you launch a new product, explain why you believe it is the greatest thing ever. Share why this product is the best and why it stands out.

If you don't believe in what you say, why should others believe in you?

3. Have fun.

When Donald Trump is speaking on stage, he looks like he's having a great time. He is like a kid in a candy store. He loves the limelight.

Stop being the boring teacher in high school. Start having fun. When you have fun, the audience will also have fun.

How to apply in your business: Before speaking, ask yourself, "Why did I start this business? Why did this bring joy to me?" You'll boost energy and get excited to speak in front of people.

4. Be entertaining.

Trump is funny for his hilarious hairstyle. He's also funny for attacking opponents in an over-the-top way. You can hear him yelling, "You're a moron for asking that question. You're stupid for asking this." The audience's laughs help end the embarrassing situation.

How to apply in your business: We are not in politics and we don't want to attack people for no reason. The key is to make fun of yourself. Laugh at your mistakes. Be human and people will like you more.

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5. Dare to be different.

We don't expect politicians calling people "morons" and "stupid" on national television. Trump is brave enough to say, "Our political leaders are a bunch of morons. I'm smart. I could clean up this place in three days." His courage makes him stand out from the crowd.

How to apply in your business: To be different, you don't have to be rude. Pay attention to what your competitors are saying and avoid repeating the same ideas.

If you're a media training coach, don't just tell prospects that you will get them on camera and do a live critique. Say, "If you work with me, you won't just get on camera for two times. I guarantee you'll be on camera 10 times in a day. You won't leave until you love how you look on camera." This differentiation made TJ Walker one of the leading experts in the media training industry.

6. Show your honesty.

Being honest helps you connect with the audience. By calling other political leaders "idiots", "morons" and "fools", Trump appears to be honest. He becomes more memorable.

How to apply in your business: Being honest isn't about revealing dark secrets. It's about being more transparent and sharing your ideas. Record your speech in video and send it to five people you respect . If they say, "You sound honest when talking about this part," that's good feedback.

By being honest, you become more memorable.

7. Let go of rules.

Trump is not a perfect speaker. He stands behind the lectern and read notes. He often speaks in a monotone.Trump doesn't let these bad habits stop him, he focuses on connecting with the audience.

Most speakers are horrible and boring. You don't have be great in every public speaking skill. Develop one or two skills and be top of your game.

How to apply in your business: One of the most important speaking skills is storytelling. Stories help connect with people and inspire action. Throw away the boring data. Make each point with a story.

We don't know how long Donald Trump will remain the media's focus. For now, let's enjoy the entertainment Trump provides.

Do you think Donald Trump is a good speaker? Why or why not? I look forward to reading your comments.

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