How Success Happened For Drybar's Alli Webb In pursuit of passion: How Alli Webb went from Senior Stylist to CEO.

By Robert Tuchman

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Finding and pursuing her absolute passion has always been the goal for Alli Webb. Whether that's taking the leap into beauty school or opening her 100th store, happiness has always been the driving force behind one of Marie Claire's "Most Fascinating Women". In my latest interview, Alli lets us into her incredible story of how she created her, now multi-million dollar, blow out business, DryBar.

Alli is my favorite kind of entrepreneur. She finds what she loves then she goes out and does it. A self-confessed "If I can do it, so can you" businesswoman, Alli is living proof that you can and should do whatever makes you glow and that there are unlimited paths you can take to finding your success. Alli has always been guided by this ethos from working in PR to stay-at-home mom to entrepreneur, and ultimately, she's never been happier.

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On face value, Alli runs hair salons. But as someone who has built several businesses in the unique event space, I know the real value for her clients is the feel-good experience behind the blow out. I love the fact that DryBar is all about giving confidence and providing each client with that contagious sense of simply feeling great about themselves. This was the perspective that Alli and her brother Michael latched onto when developing and expanding their business. It's also the concept that Alli's 15 years in professional hair styling gave her the expertise to nail. It's a major reason Drybar has done so well in our modern-day exprience economy.

In spite of her incredible achievements, Alli is ever humble about her success. She tells me about a time she was visiting New York and the surreal experience of passing not one, not two but three DryBar's. From appearing in vogue to being recognized as one of "100 Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company, Alli's accolades have not slipped under the radar.

Alli also spoke to me about how much her life has changed along with her role in her business. She's still on the board but now she has time to discover more. She's recently reopened her massage franchise Squeeze, co-hosts her podcast Raising the Bar, and is in the process of writing her second book.

Along with her personal endeavors, Alli has also had the chance to explore new ventures. She's recently joined the advisory board for the motivation platform PepTalk. Another concept I love, it provides people with the chance to chat to Alli and other experts from a range of different fields. Whether you're looking to grow your business or crackdown on your sleep routine, PepTalk bridges the gap between expert and those ready to learn from invaluable first-hand experience.

Alli is all about the feel-good revolution which her brands truly encapsulate and giving back is ever at the forefront of her mind as she dives into this new, exciting chapter of her life.

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