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6 Ways I've Achieved a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner Don't neglect your health and well-being when you are an entrepreneur.

By Kartik Jobanputra

Key Takeaways

  • Setting clear boundaries between your personal and professional life is essential to finding balance as an entrepreneur.
  • Prioritizing your time and scheduling non-work-related activities can help reduce task-related stress and provide much-needed respite from workloads.
  • Taking regular breaks throughout the day is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health and can even boost creativity.
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Collaboration is a powerful tool that has become increasingly essential in the modern business world. Working together with others can help drive growth, innovation, and success. My journey with collaboration caused me to discover some hacks that have improved my work-life balance.

This article will explore the importance of these hacks and provide some tips for re-prioritizing your work-life relationship and using it to achieve your goals.

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1. Set clear boundaries

The first step to finding balance is to set clear boundaries between your professional and personal life. When you're working, focus solely on business tasks without letting any outside influences distract you.

Similarly, when you're out of the office, ensure that work doesn't infringe upon your other activities or relationships. You must understand what lines must not be crossed for both sides of your life to remain healthy and balanced.

2. Prioritize your time

When managing your time as an entrepreneur, it's important to prioritize the most important tasks first. This means taking some extra time during the day or week to plan what needs to be done ahead of time so that nothing is left undone or forgotten about. Doing this will help keep task-related stress at bay and give you more freedom in determining how best to divide up the rest of your day or week into a manageable schedule.

Additionally, don't forget to add some non-work-related activities into your schedule, such as exercise or leisurely activities — these can help provide much-needed respite from your otherwise hectic workloads.

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3. Take regular breaks

It's easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in their work and forget about taking regular breaks throughout their day. But breaks are essential for maintaining both physical and mental health — they can help reduce stress levels while providing an opportunity for creativity, too.

Try setting reminders on your phone or computer so that you take regular breaks throughout the day – this could mean stepping away from the desk for 10 minutes every hour or even going for a walk during lunchtime, if possible! Taking regular breaks will refresh your mind and body alike, helping you stay productive yet balanced over time.

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4. Learn to say no

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to overextend yourself by saying yes too often when asked for favors or projects outside of work hours — but learning when (and how) to say no can ultimately save considerable amounts of unnecessary stress in the long run.

Don't feel guilty if you need to turn down certain requests; just politely explain why it's not possible at this particular time, perhaps offering alternative solutions depending on what may be suitable instead. By knowing when (and how) to say no without feeling guilty, entrepreneurs can find greater peace of mind while still being able to give back where needed most.

5. Schedule regular 'me time'

Making sure that there is adequate 'me time' built into each week is essential – regardless if it's reading a book in silence, going out with friends, or simply enjoying a warm bath after work hours — whatever activity works best for giving yourself some much-needed rest. Having this type of downtime allows entrepreneurs ample opportunity to recharge their batteries before returning to business mode — allowing them to manage better stress levels associated with being constantly busy with numerous tasks at hand.

6. Don't neglect your health and well-being

Lastly - one key area that entrepreneurs needn't forget about balancing is their health & well-being; don't neglect to eat nutritious food regularly during working hours nor avoid exercise altogether either — these are paramount needs necessary for keeping one's energy levels high while reducing any risks associated from sitting down all day — thus ensuring both physical & mental well-being remains balanced over longer periods.


Managing a successful career and a satisfying lifestyle outside of work can be difficult but achievable, no matter what stage in business development one might find themselves at now.

The key lies in understanding where our limits lie and setting clear boundaries between our personal life and professional obligations accordingly—along with scheduling sufficient 'me' time each week where necessary. Following such guidelines helps ensure balance remains intact over extended periods while promoting productivity and achieving success simultaneously, too.

Kartik Jobanputra

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Founder & CEO

Benevolent by nature, Kartik is a diverse man of diverse and unpredictable choices, a serial entrepreneur. One may find him not just reading stoics or seizing the present like jumping off a plane. He is pro skydiver/licensed scuba. He doesn’t speak in hypotheticals and lives life by doing.

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