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10 Productivity Apps an Entrepreneur Will Use Every Day, Now on Sale During This Labor Day Weekend Get more from each day with these apps.

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Productivity is crucial for an entrepreneur. Getting the most out of each day is absolutely vital when you're trying to grow a business. Whether you're having a hard time managing your to-do list or you need help with certain aspects of your business, we've rounded up ten top apps that can help your business thrive. Check them out.

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FakeClients Design Brief Generator

Starting your own design business? This Product Hunt–featured tool is made for beginning logo designers to practice their skills. With "fake clients" prompting you to create logos, you can add them to your portfolio, share them, and start growing your business.

Get more clients today with FakeClients Design Brief Generator for $17 (Orig. $600) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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Video marketing is growing in popularity and will continue to do so in the coming years. If you want to jump in on the craze but don't have the skills to do it, you'll love VideoProc, the #1 fast video processing software. You can edit, convert, resize, and adjust large and 4K videos quickly with this program.

Make editing videos for your business a breeze with VideoProc, now $25.50 (Orig. $119) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

One of the top-rated VPNs on the market, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers a lifetime of AES 256-bit encryption to protect your browsing. They have a strict no-logging policy and offer unlimited bandwidth so protecting your browsing connection won't slow it down.

Keep your online data secure with the help of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for $33.15 (Orig. $199) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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Speechify Audio Reader

Love multitasking? Speechify Audio Reader will facilitate multitasking by reading any webpage, document, or whatever else you put in front of it out loud. Whether you need to read a deposition but also have to make dinner or you'd just like to read an article while continuing to work, Speechify Audio Reader has you covered.

Get more done by turning text into speech with Speechify Audio Reader just for $34 (Orig. $390) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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DarwinMail Professional Plan

If you suffer from Gmail overload, DarwinMail will be a lifesaver. With bulk actions and bundling to remove mass amounts of emails, this web app can quickly clear out your email. Plus, it offers reminders, keyboard shortcuts, and more to make sending emails easier and communication more seamless than ever.

Make the most out of your Gmail with DarwinMail for just $34 (Orig. $300) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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My Brand New Logo: Automatic Logo Generator

Every business needs a logo so that people grow to recognize your branding. But why pay a graphic designer thousands when you can get a professionally designed logo automatically generated? With My Brand New Logo, just enter a little information about your business, and it will generate you a new logo in just minutes that you can customize to your liking.

Forgo hiring an expensive designer use My Brand New Logo: Automatic Logo Generator for just $34 (Orig. $12,500) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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Slides Pro Plus Plan

Presentations are a great way to get your point across, but not all of us are very good at them. Entrepreneurs who need to raise money for their ventures, however, need to be. Fortunately, Slides Pro Plus Plan makes it easy to create beautiful pitch decks, regardless of your ability or tech savvy.

Create the perfect marketing deck for clients with Slides Pro, now $41.65 (Orig. $540) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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Provify Premium Plan

Social proof is an important element of getting sales for your products and services. Provify makes it easy to gather and surface that social proof to your site visitors. With simple surveys and widgets, you can get feedback fast and show new visitors just how much people love your product.

Surface the things people love about your product or service with Provify Premium Plan for $67.15 (Orig. $299).

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Zuitte 50+ Tools for Entrepreneurs

Why spend money on 50 different programs to do 50 different business tasks? Zuitte offers you more than 50 tools for one low price. From Facebook Messenger bot builders to marketing tools, SEO tools, email marketing, a CRM, and much more, Zuitte gives you everything you need to run your business efficiently in a single suite.

Get all of the tools necessary as an entrepreneur with Zuitte 50+ Tools for just $169.15 (Orig. $9,480) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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MindMaster Mind Mapping Software

Whether you were spitballing ideas or something in the middle of the night pops up, making an idea into a reality doesn't have to be difficult. Mindmapping can breakdown problems into solutions. MindMaster allows you to visually map out structures to ultimately innovate your business.

Start laying out your ideas and processes in order with MindMaster Mind Mapping Software for $41.65 (Orig. $129) with promo code: GOFORIT15.

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