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15 Products to Spruce up Your Work-From-Home Station This New Year Make working from home a little more pleasant.

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More Americans began working from home during 2020, and there's reason to believe that trend will continue into 2021. While working from home has its benefits, it's not without drawbacks. One of which is simply the need to overhaul your home space into a work space.

To help you spruce up your at-home work station, we've rounded up 15 great products that are on sale now.

1. Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer

Keep your work station warm and cozy without cranking up the heat. This portable heater makes it easy to warm up, and even comes with a detachable hand warmer if you have to go outside.

Get the Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer for $84.99 (Reg. $99), a savings of 14 percent.

2. Yaasa Ergonomic Office Chair

Every office needs a good chair. The Yaasa Chair is ergonomically designed to keep you supported and comfortable throughout your workday. It's fully adjustable, with a 3D armrest and neck support to keep you comfortable and productive.

Get the Yaasa Ergonomic Office Chair for $359.99 (Reg. $369), a savings of 2 percent.

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat with Double-Ball Insert

If you like to stand when you work, this anti-fatigue mat is a must. It's made with springy material to continuously engage your legs and keep your energy and focus up.

Get the Anti-Fatigue Mat with Double-Ball Insert for $89.99 (Reg. $104), a savings of 14 percent.

4. KeySmart TaskPad Wireless Charging Desk Pad

This task pad is made out of premium PE leather that is water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-free, and easy to clean. It comes with a 10W output power bank to quickly charge your phone, and has a cushion to rest your wrists and forearms while you work. It's comfort and protection in one package.

Get the KeySmart TaskPad Wireless Charging Desk Pad for $89.99 (Reg. $119), a savings of 25 percent.

5. CASA Hub Pro 11-in-1 Full-Function Charging Transmission Hub

This ingenious hub will let you completely upgrade your desk. With this single hub, you can charge multiple devices at once, connect external monitors, and transfer data between devices with ease.

Get the CASA Hub Pro 11-in-1 Full-Function Charging Transmission Hub for $140.99 (Reg. $179), a savings of 21 percent.

6. Best-Rite Elemental Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Need to illustrate some complicated material to a Zoom audience? This whiteboard will make you feel like you're in a conference room again. This magnetic whiteboard offers superior writability and erasability, and has a peel-and-stick solution, allowing you to add and remove entire sheets in an instant.

Get the Best-Rite Elemental Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard for $149.99 (reg. $219), a savings of 31 percent.

7. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Mount-It! is the budget-friendly answer to a standing desk. This clever stand quickly adjusts to let you go from sitting to standing so you can get into your zone easier.

Get Mount-It! for $182.99 (Reg. $199), a savings of 8 percent.

8. Chargeworx Flexible Tablet Mount

Like to use your tablet as an extra screen? Keep it more accessible with this flexible mount. It orients in just about any way you want so you can have seamless access to your touchscreen whenever you need.

Get the Chargeworx Flexible Tablet Mount for $19.99 (Reg. $34), a savings of 42 percent.

9. Crave 52W PowerHub 5-in-1 Desktop Charger

Conveniently charge all of your devices no matter where you set up your work station. This portable tower can charge up to five devices at once so you can stay connected anywhere you'd like to work.

Get the Crave 52W PowerHub 5-in-1 Desktop Charger for $38.99 (Reg. $49), a savings of 22 percent.

10. Selfie Station LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Want to look your best on all those videoconferencing calls? This ingenious LED light helps you get the perfect light for any call.

Get the Selfie Station LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand for $39.99 (Reg. $69), a savings of 42 percent.

11. BetterBack™ Luxe Posture Support

It's easy to develop poor posture when you're sitting at a desk all day. BetterBack offers an elegant solution in a strap that wraps around your lower back and knees to keep your posture erect.

Get BetterBack for $49.99 (Reg. $59), a savings of 16 percent.

12. Work From Home Desk Organizer

No desk should be without an organizer. This cleverly designed organizer highlights useful storage sections to sort your gadgets, notes, pens, and even your mug in one convenient location. It also has holes at the bottom for charging cable accessibility and cord management.

Get the Work From Home Desk Organizer for $55 (Reg. $60), a savings of 8 percent.

13. LampPlus: 3-in-1 Lamp, Phone Charger & Clock With Thermostat

Meet the perfect desktop lamp. This clever device features an adjustable lamp, a phone charger, a clock, and a thermostat all in one location.

Get LampPlus for $59.95 (Reg. $129), a savings of 53 percent.

14. The Anchor: The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

You don't keep your headphones on all day, but leaving them on your desk takes up precious real estate. Instead, The Anchor lets you hang your headphones underneath your desk. Don't worry, it's got a soft design so you won't have to worry about slamming your knees.

Get The Anchor for $11.99 (Reg. $19), a savings of 40 percent.

15. SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook

Take notes the way you like and instantly back them up to the cloud! This ingenious pen has a motion-tracking sensor that turns everything you write into digital text for easy access later. No more misplaced or ruined paper notes.

Get the SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook for $149.99 (Reg. $199), a savings of 25 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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