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15 Traits of Emotionally Wealthy People Happiness and serenity result from conscious living, not just the luck of our circumstances.

By Sherrie Campbell

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The creation of an extraordinary life takes resilience. The most desired emotion people seek is happiness. Those who have emotional strength achieve true happiness and lasting success, not as an event but as a journey.

The mentally tough understand that emotions are the drivers of motivation, and hold the awareness of how tough it can be to harness emotion. Emotions can move us in the wrong direction when they are attached to adrenaline, as emotions often are. For this reason, emotional strength is a necessity for happiness and success.

1. Confidence.

Emotionally wealthy people are sure of their personal value and do not feel the need to audition for the acceptance and approval of others. They never have the "pick me, pick me" attitude. The emotionally wealthy do not need attention because they are fulfilled from within as a byproduct of their achievements and unceasing hard work in all areas of life.

They understand to be magnificent is a great challenge that takes great effort.

2. Resilience.

The emotionally wealthy have a deep inner strength. They are aware that as they become more successful they will encounter a host of mean, jealous and cruel people. The more motivated they are to change the world, the more they seek to succeed, to make a difference in the lives of others and reach their full potential, the more of these low-level haters will surface.

Being their own source of power, the emotionally wealthy are aware of these people and adept and persistent in controlling their reactions to them. They do not let those with destructive intentions deter their will.

3. Keep looking forward.

Emotionally wealthy individuals do not make time for blame or criticism. They let go of resentments because resentments hold them back. Staying resentful keeps them stuck in situations that have passed, and therefore, staying bitter is treated as a complete waste of energy.

If someone else holds resentment against them and will not let go of the grudge, they move on from these people. Emotionally wealthy people waste no energy trying to prove themselves to someone unwilling to accept it. Emotionally wealthy people look forward. They don't get bitter, they get better.

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4. Don't compromise themselves.

Emotionally wealthy individuals do not compromise who they are or what they believe in for anyone. They do what they do in life because they love doing It. They are not inclined to slow down, change or stop being who they are for the naysayers or couch critics who want them to be less.

They are clear that it takes a small mind to criticize a brilliant one. The emotionally wealthy stay clear of those who try to dim their shine. They remain unwaveringly true to their larger purpose.

5. Faith.

Those who love themselves understand who they are. They are not afraid to go after what they want. They patiently work through fears and self-doubt. These extraordinary people believe that all they do in life will be demonstrated through their desired results.

These exceptional individuals choose the strenuous life and do not fear the ambitious journey or the deep commitment it takes to be happy and successful. They take great pride in their struggles, as well as their contributions.

The emotionally wealthy choose faith over fear.

6. Maturity.

For the emotionally wealthy true mastery, lasting success and deep happiness can only come through hard work, real sweat, real challenge and through surviving real storms. They accept that life is difficult, and because they embrace this truth, they are able to transcend it.

The emotionally wealthy put responsibility before leisure and choose kindness over rightness.

7. Discerning.

The emotionally wealthy are this way for a reason. They do not expose themselves to people who discourage or demoralize them. They deliberately keep the company of others who are also driven, inspiring, honest, committed and going somewhere special in their lives.

Energy is contagious and the emotionally wealthy are discerning of the company they keep, staying clear of negative people.

8. Real.

Emotionally wealthy people aren't afraid to be real or to be vulnerable. They have the courage to show the world who they are. They let people in because they know all good relationships are based in the qualities of openness, honesty, authenticity and integrity.

There are no guessing games with these exceptional people. Others know exactly where they stand with them. Emotionally wealthy individuals expect the best from others and give the best of themselves at all times.

They choose authenticity over insecurity.

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9. Ready.

Emotionally wealthy people cannot wait to get up in the morning. They never take life or opportunity for granted. There are no thoughts of laziness in the minds of these great people, rather, they are consumed with an internal sense of urgency and enthusiasm to be ready, to get started and to make results happen.

10. Self-preservation.

The emotionally wealthy know the importance of taking the necessary time to refuel and care for themselves. They understand the value of unplugging from the world of action and excitement.

These exceptional individuals do not run from their challenges but know that sometimes the best option is to just hold them and do nothing but observe. They appreciate the slow moments in life when they can do nothing but live, breathe and feel inner peace.

11. Value time.

Emotionally wealthy people do not waste their time doing anything they do not want to do. They understand that they must be directed and committed in focusing on what they love. By focusing on their passions they figure out what to do to continue growing in those passions.

These powerful individuals understand they won't love every part of their journey. What they don't love they tolerate as necessary to realizing their larger vision.

Emotionally wealthy individuals waste no time or effort on tasks meaningless to their purpose.

12. Have limits.

The emotionally resilient are aware that to have a healthy and emotionally clean life they must say "no" when they need to. A person without limits is a pushover.

The emotionally wealthy count on themselves as the source of their own power. They know what is right and what is wrong for them based on life experience. For them, "no" means "no."

13. Altruistic.

Emotionally wealthy people have great empathy for others and are inclined to give back by donating money and/or time to people, causes, events or even the local waiter or waitress. They donate a certain amount of their income believing that all they give out can only be returned tenfold.

The emotionally wealthy do not live a mindset of "lack." Their belief that there is "enough" for everyone makes them unafraid and unselfish when giving of themselves, financially and otherwise.

14. True to themselves.

The emotionally strong person is independent and embraces exactly who they are. The emotionally wealthy don't think about fitting in because they are too busy standing out being who they are.

These extraordinary individuals realize those who try so hard to fit in are afraid to be themselves. Because they are true to themselves, the emotionally wealthy are the world's greatest mavericks, pioneers, trend setters and honorable leaders.

15. Create happiness.

The emotionally wealthy are in a consistently disciplined relationship with their mind. They know the power of their thoughts over their mind and body. This emotional awareness allows these exceptional people to learn from their thoughts that do not promote happiness or success.

Emotionally wealthy individuals have learned to hold their uncomfortable emotions rather than react to them, knowing that sitting with life's uncertainties makes those uncertainties fade on their own without the necessity of acting out reactively. These people choose thoughts, emotions and responses that take them towards success and away from fear-based, defeatist thinking.

These extraordinary individuals know that happiness is not a given, it is a creation.

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Sherrie Campbell

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Sherrie Campbell is a psychologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., with two decades of clinical training and experience in providing counseling and psychotherapy services. She is the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person. Her new book, Success Equations: A Path to an Emotionally Wealthy Life, is available for pre-order.

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