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5 Reasons Why You Won't Reach Your Fitness or Business Goals

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Many entrepreneurs desire to be successful not only in , but also in their . It takes skills, dedication, time and focus to build a successful business. Those same attributes are required to succeed in fitness, and maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long-term. Unfortunately, many discover that succeeding with their while thriving in business isn't as simple as picking a diet and workout routine. Just as excelling in business requires a bias for action and a focus on the little details, accomplishing your health and fitness goals requires the same. If you're stuck with your health and right now, here are five reasons why progress isn't happening.


1. You're an information junkie.

Reading marketing tip after marketing tip isn't going to progress your business without taking action. Reading workout book after workout book without implementation is useless. Researching diet after diet without implementing the advice is a waste. Seeking more and more information is procrastination in disguise. The odds of taking action decreases as we're inundated with choice after choice. This is a classic example of information overload, which will lead to decision fatigue. You'll never feel fully prepared and ready. Start where you are, and with what you know, and make adjustments as you go along your journey.

2. You allow the wrong people into your environment.

You are your environment. Your environment plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome of your goals. If you surround yourself with people, who operate in a scarce and pessimistic mindset, expect your mindset to follow suit. Surrounding yourself with these types of people adds extra layers of difficulty to your health and business goals. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to distance yourself from negative people. Only give your time to people who elevate and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

3. You let seduce you into the comparison game.

Log in to , and someone is sharing rapid weight loss results, or someone is sharing their impressive income reports. Social media is both a gift and a curse of our hyper-connected world. It can be inspiring, but it can be deflating if you start to compare.

It's tempting to compare your journey and progress with someone else's but resist doing so. Each of our journeys is personal and have their own specific timetables.

The danger of playing the comparison game is only seeing someone's final copy, not their rough draft. Set goals that are specific to you, and focus on your own journey.

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4. You play the waiting game.

There's one guarantee in life - we're all going to die. We don't know when, but it will happen.

Knowing that our life is on a clock that will expire, we need to maximize each day to the best of our abilities. Waiting for the fairy to arrive is a mistake.

There isn't a perfect moment to start. Today is the perfect day to get started toward becoming a healthier version of yourself and going after that dream business. Tomorrow isn't promised.

The world rewards those who take imperfect action, not those who plan and wait for perfection.

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5. You equate busy with productive.

When working toward a goal, we often times equate the amount of time put into the project with the expected outcome.

But achieving optimal health and building a successful business is about quality over quantity. Achieving your business and health goals requires and time. But most importantly, it requires the proper strategy supplemented with intentional action.

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Just doing an activity for the sake of it isn't good enough. You need to have benchmarks and targets that you're trying to reach. You can exercise for two hours at the gym each day and work on your business for 10 hours each day. But if you aren't approaching your goals with the proper strategy, you're going to end up frustrated.

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