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8 Traits of Exceptionally Motivated Entrepreneurs The desire to make a positive difference in the world, not simply the desire to be rich, is what distinguishes people driven to succeed.

By Sherrie Campbell Edited by Dan Bova

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The highly motivated live for more than just earning money; they live to have an impact. Money can only be so motivating before it becomes shallow and meaningless. The highly motivated feel a deep sense of purpose and are compelled to manifest what they feel, vision and seek. It is this deep feeling which fuels their motivation; after all, e-motion equates to energy in motion.

1. Take full responsibility.

In a society quick to make excuses where people blame everything from their childhood to the government for their lack of success, the highly motivated refuse to buy into any type of mentality that would make someone other than themselves responsible for their success, or lack of it. The highly motivated never give their power over to outside people, events for circumstances.

Motivated individuals live by the simple mantra "it's up to me." They understand that other opinions don't have to become their reality, and make the choice to lay the future of their success completely within their own grasp. The idea of being fully responsible may be daunting, but more than daunting, the highly motivated find this pressure inspiring. Certainly there will be things in life they cannot control, such as nature, the past and other people, but it is for this reason they take full responsibility for directing their thoughts, emotions, choices and actions.

2. Live with clear intent.

The key ingredient which sets the highly motivated apart from others is they live their lives intentionally. They are doing what they believe they were placed upon this earth to do. They know their purpose, and they live it on purpose. Having a sense of purpose in life is one of the most important elements in becoming a fully evolved human being. The exceptionally motivated feel the most alive when they are doing what they love.

Because they live on purpose, their entire life is directed towards doing their job right and to the very best of their ability. They love what they do, and it shows. Their conviction is as evident as it is persuasive. It helps them draw the right people into their lives to partner with. Because they live with clear intention, with their focus largely on bringing value into the lives of others, the money takes care of itself.

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3. Willingness to sacrifice.

The highly motivated rarely question if they are willing to pay the price to get them the success they seek. The greatest difference between the successful and unsuccessful is finding out what it will cost them to make their goals a reality. The successful are relentless in their efforts to making their dreams a reality, and nor will they be heard complaining about the effort or time it takes to do what they need to do. The successful are clear on the why's of what they do. Their why's provide the deeper meaning responsible for sustaining their motivation. They understand they can get practically anything they want out of life--if they are willing to pay the price.

4. Stay focused.

All of us are overloaded with tasks, messages, emails, children, and partners vying for our time. This is why the ability to stay focused is essential for achievement. All things are important, and love should always come first, which is why the highly motivated remain clear on their priorities. They know where and how to invest their time to achieve their big pay-offs down the road. They organize their time in a way which allows them to focus on their passions while also being able to sustain the support they need.

Motivated individuals create a supportive team to keep them focused and pointed in the direction of their larger purpose. Again, motivation is contagious so it doesn't matter who it is, whether it is their love interest or business partner, everyone becomes an essential part of their journey. The highly motivated stay close to their goals, involve those closest to them in their passions, and create a crusade. They spend a significant amount of time focusing on and visioning their bigger picture making it reality. Like any habit, staying focused becomes easier the more it is practiced.

5. Become an expert.

The highly motivated study their field with fervor and passion. They know it better than anyone else and are on the continual search for knowledge. Many of these individuals find a way to share their purpose in whatever forum best suited for them; coaching, mentoring, speaking, teaching, blogging, writing, TV, Radio etc. They make it a point to share their information with as many as possible. The exceptionally motivated believe in education, and in the idea that people need to learn and love to learn.

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6. Written and spoken maps.

The highly motivated put their dreams into written form. In doing this they create an action plan which puts them on the path to where they want to go. They are well aware that goals which are not written down are most often not achieved. When goals are written they become real, as if writing them down creates a signed contract. Not only are they writing their goals down, but the highly motivated also make use of "auto suggestion" and read their goals out loud daily. Speaking them serves to reprogram their unconscious mind re-directing their thinking towards their bigger picture. As they communicate their goals, their goals become real and they develop a deeper belief in them, thereby, increasing their motivation to achieve them.

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7. Keep going.

Passion drives perseverance. It may sound simple, but the highly motivated are truly passionate about what they have set out to achieve because they can see the value it will have on those whom they seek to benefit. Because the deeper purpose of their mission has the potential to bring value to the world, thoughts of stopping or giving up never enter as ideas for consideration. The highly motivated hold a vision of what they want, and do all they can to ensure their vision is bulletproof to frustration, doubt, confusion, rejection and failures. The road to success is not an easy one, but nor does it have to be arduous. The exceptionally motivated live for their mission, which makes each part of their journey useful and worth it.

8. Don't delay.

The highly motivated are acutely aware that time is limited. They understand they do not have forever to live and manifest their dreams. The clock is ticking, the time is now, there are no time-outs, and sooner or later their number is going to be called. Motivated individuals know this, but rather than seeing this as something negative or depressing they use it to spur them on to go after what they want as energetically and as passionately as possible.

Success is one thing, and for the exceptionally motivated it is a great thing, but what is even more important to these individuals is having an impact. They are driven by a deeper emotional component of serving a purpose larger than themselves. Having an impact is what drives the desire to turn their purpose into a crusade. For this reason, they are willing to suffer, sacrifice and succeed as long as their success brings value. It is their primary motivation to be free in advancing their own lives and those of others. It is their desire to live uninhibited and to express and fulfill their purpose. It is this deeply felt purpose which drives their motivation. They seek to leave a legacy of great significance.

Sherrie Campbell

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Sherrie Campbell is a psychologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., with two decades of clinical training and experience in providing counseling and psychotherapy services. She is the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person. Her new book, Success Equations: A Path to an Emotionally Wealthy Life, is available for pre-order.

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