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A New Airline for Millennials Promises In-Flight VR, Organic Meals and Attendants Wearing White Sneakers

How many white-sneaker-clad flight attendants does it take to serve a millennial? AirFrance aims to find out.


The refrain of "millennials value experiences, not things," is being taken to new heights with the launch of an airline specifically targeting millennial consumers. AirFrance earlier this year announced plans for a lower-cost subsidiary, called Joon, and this week, it's revealed more details about its millennial-centric features, from virtual reality headsets to white-sneaker-clad flight attendants.

Joon | Youtube

Neither materialism nor discounts alone drive millennials to spend their precious dollars, the research and stereotypes about the generation suggest. So when a hotel or any other type of traditional service seems insufficient, brands start looking to what's trendy and add perks. AirFrance recognizes that it may take more than a cheap ticket to get millennials on board.

That's why Joon is offering a variety of experiences to appeal to passengers for whom trips to far-flung destinations apparently aren't experiential enough. Passengers will have access to in-flight entertainment via their own devices or specially designed VR headsets, and they'll feast on meals featuring "organic and non-organic" ingredients. Joon also calls itself a "rooftop bar," but this being an airplane, there will be no rooftop access, of course -- it's referring to efforts to cultivate the vibe of a rooftop bar. Maybe the VR headsets can fill in a cityscape, a sunset and some house music?

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Flight attendants will wear sporty blue uniforms, adding "fashion brand" to Joon's self-identifiers. But to really connect with the trendy young clientele, they'll all wear white sneakers. "Our flight attendants will take care of you from boarding to landing, as their white sneakers help them quickly meet your needs," Joon's website reads. "Stylish."

No word on whether white sneakers make a person more authentic.

The experiences Joon provides en route are just the beginning. The airline has also partnered with Airbnb Experiences, which pairs locals with visitors for guided tours and exclusive activities.

If it sounds like transportation itself is an afterthought for Joon, you're right in line with the company's "Also an airline" mantra. Joon will fly to six destinations: Beginning Dec. 1, it will fly passengers to Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal; and Porto, Portugal. In spring 2018, it will add Fortaleza, Brazil, and Mahé (Seychelles).

Learn more from the video below.

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