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Are You a Socialpreneur?

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In a that often thinks of as self-serving bad guys, companies are looking for ways to remove the stigma and reach out to their communities and the world.


Socialpreneurs change the way we look at our makeup, they force us to realize that sometimes just has to be about something more than the bottom line. These leaders are establishing a moral compass for their companies and consumers are paying .

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Who are socialpreneurs?

Socialpreneurs are folks who pay attention to the world around them. They recognize a need in their or in society as a whole and then seek out ways to feed this need while still being able to turn a profit.

Companies like Toms, which gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair consumers buy, rely not only on creating a good product but also on providing their consumers with the knowledge that they're playing a part in the giving back process. Other companies have picked up on this. , for example, has their "Amazon Smiles" program. Amazon gives a portion of their profits to a you can select from a list, giving you an opportunity to give back as you shop.

Why be a socialpreneur?

The mindset of a socialpreneur is different from the typical CEO. Their business focus is divided between helping society and making a profit. They look at both the short- and long-term goals. Being a socialpreneur gives you an opportunity to spread the word and create action for a cause that you care about. It also lets consumers know that your company has a heartbeat that truly cares about their community. Anyone can sign a one-time check, but running a philanthropic company is something that many consumers take note of and are happy to support.

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How to become a socialpreneur?

Becoming a socialpreneur is simpler in concept than actual practice. The easiest part is finding a cause you care about. The most difficult is figuring out a way to incorporate it into your (or vice versa). Socialpreneurs are creative thinkers; they come up with dynamic solutions for providing funds, products or services to their chosen charity while being able to provide solid profits to keep their business growing. Both sides of the business benefit the other.

In the end, socialpreneurship is about giving back. It's about creating a relationship between you, your consumers and the social responsibility that we all have to one another. We, as business owners, have huge opportunities to build platforms for change. To make an impact on the issues that matter to us. And to play a bigger part in the way our world turns.

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