Have an Extra $117,000 to Spare? This Private Jet Company Wants to Take You on a Trip Around the World.

Luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent is offering a 26-day private jet tour in October.

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Magellan Jets

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Always dreamed of circling the globe, just without the hassle of airport security and all the other delightful stuff that comes with commercial airline travel?

Have a $100,000 and change to burn?

You're in luck. While the center of this Venn diagram is likely fairly small, luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent is betting there is a large enough market to fill the majority of a chartered Boeing 757, which seats 50.

"To say that interest in private jet travel is strong would be an understatement," Geoffrey Kent, the company's CEO and founder said in a statement. "Unprecedented would be a more apt description. We just sold out an around-the-world trip I'm hosting to wildly exotic destinations including Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Mongolia, primarily to past A&K private jet travelers."

The 26-day all-inclusive trip – which departs from Miami and then continues on with stops in Iquitos, Peru, Easter Island, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Bali, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Kenya, Monaco, Nice before ending in New York City – costs a casual $117,000, although that number goes up to $132,000 if you're traveling alone (the company applies a somewhat harshly named 'singles supplement').

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Because all travel is done via private jet, the idea is that vacationers will be able to explore remote locales where commercial airlines don't typically fly. "I personally designed this voyage to combine some of my favorite places with exotic destinations visited by only a privileged few," Kent said.

Private jet travel is an increasingly hot sector. Alongside a new wave of companies working to lower the price of private flying through discounted deals and jet sharing programs, there are an increasing number of premium packages marketed at the one percent.

For $43,500 Magellan Jets will fly parents and high-school seniors to visit college campuses. More recently, Magellan has partnered with the Four Seasons, creating a new getaway package that ferries families from their homes to a Caribbean resort via private jet.

"Families can anticipate feeling as if they have already checked in to Four Seasons Resort Nevis simply by boarding the aircraft, as they will be handed Naked Turtle Rum Punches served in fresh coconuts upon boarding the paradise-themed Gulfstream 450," the company said in a press release.

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Laura Entis
Laura Entis is a reporter for Fortune.com's Venture section.

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