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How to Get a Deal on a Private Jet (Infographic)

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In terms of convenience, comfort and time, there's no comparison between flying private and commercial. Taking a is not only the luxurious option, it also allows travelers to set their own schedules, avoid weather delays and work during the flight.


Of course, there's the small matter of price: Flying private may be more accessible than ever, but it still doesn't come cheap.

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That said, a new wave of companies – including JetSuite, PrivateFly and Jumpjet – are working to lower the price of private flying, through discounted deals, jet sharing and jet rental programs. For professionals used to flying first or , flying private may make financial sense.

To decide whether or not flying private is thrifty or extravagant, consider your needs: Flexible travelers who can snag last minute deals are often in luck, as are large groups of travelers.

For more tips on figuring out when it makes sense to take a private jet, check out the below from NeoMam Studios on behalf of Buddy Loans, a consumer lending business.

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How to Get a Deal on a Private Jet (Infographic)

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