'The Right Time' Is a Myth. Here's How to Make Every Time Work for You. Life is too uncertain to wait around for 'the right time.'

By Shakir Akorede

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"It's not yet the right time."

By telling yourself this, you kill your dreams from coming to fruition. Life is too uncertain to wait around for the "right time."

Time means different things to different people. To a procrastinator, time justifies inaction. To a go-getter, time has no other meaning than a tool to achieve constant missions.

Want to break away from limitations and turn success a usual habit? Consider giving these practicable tips a try.

Understand your dream.

Dreams are not always what you see during sleep. Sometimes, they're the thoughts that take away your sleep. Whichever, the first step of turning your dream into reality is to understand its metaphors. Arianna Huffington said, "Our dreams are, and always will be, a gateway to another world, a timeless journey to other inward dimensions."

Dreams are a tool of self-discovery, which is why you have to dream big. Then, take a step further by setting clear goals that are informed by thoughtful decisions. As such, you end up making every day count as you turn it to the "right time" with ease.

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Set achievable goals.

With a dream, you're probably going to live a purposeful life. But, if you want to be sure, you have to set a list of time-bound, feasible goals. Remember, it's one thing to have ambitions. It's another thing to have realistic aspirations.

Research shows that people abandon their goals because they are too big to handle. According to Michael Hyatt, no one can really focus for more than five to seven items at a time. Setting broad goals is thus a recipe for losing focus and accomplishing very little. Instead, focus on a handful of goals that you can repeat almost from memory.

Setting complicated goals is daunting. So, it is better to try clear and compelling goals that will always motivate you.

Storm out of the comfort zone.

Psychologists tell us how comfort kills, and there's no denying that.

If you are like most people, you'll find endless pleasure in leisure activities. You'll never want to go the extra mile. Unfortunately, this is why the right time has never dawned.

You have to untie yourself from the comfort zone if you want to start making things work on a daily basis. Yet, science says not everything outside the comfort zone is always good. To be on the safer side, learn the Yerkes-Dodson law of performance. It's a key for optimal success with lesser anxiety.

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Replace fear with unshakable confidence.

All the tips above are great, but none will work if fear runs through your vein. The fear of failure, criticism and, sometimes, rejection will continue to make all days a "wrong day."

Jacqueline Whitmore explains how to build confidence. One of the many ways, according to her, is speaking in an assertive voice. Further, thinking and acting in positive ways and taking up challenges are a great way to defeat fear.

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Stay inspired.

Sometimes, it only takes one line of inspiration to set your day on the right path of success. There is also something so awe-inspiring in the success stories of others. To that end, read books that talk about success and start imitating the way to daily success.

Likewise, daily inspirations provide the impetus for successful days. If your mind isn't inspiring, enough, try listening to others.

Time and tide will never wait. Understanding this, successful people take actions, irrespective of the time and occasion. If you want to be an all-time achiever, you must stop waiting for the right time.

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