Unveiling the Power of Authenticity Key Takeaways from "The Jeff Fenster Show" with Jen Gottlieb.

By Jeff Fenster

Key Takeaways

  • Jen Gottlieb's journey from wanting to be an actress to becoming a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker shows how being true to yourself and following your passions can lead to big changes.
  • Being yourself and doing things that match who you are can help you become better and achieve success.
  • To get good at something and feel confident, you need to practice a lot.
  • Taking chances and going after what you love can lead to great things and make you happy.
  • Words have a lot of power, especially when you say "I am." They can help make things happen in your life.
  • Picture exercises, like the "Wonderwalk," can help you be your best self and do things that feel right.
  • Looking back on tough times you got through can help you do even better things in the future.

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On a recent episode of The Jeff Fenster Show, Jen Gottlieb, a successful businessperson, speaker, and host of the I Dare You podcast, talked with Jeff Fenster, CEO and founder of everbowl. Her story about changing from an actress to a business owner and speaker because she was true to herself has some really important lessons. This article will talk about the main things Jen Gottlieb said and how they can help anyone who wants to be their best self.

Jen Gottlieb's story starts when she moved to New York City to become an actress. But she soon found out that she wasn't happy because she wasn't being herself. This made her feel bad and led to problems like depression and an eating disorder. Her TV show even got canceled. Then her mom gave her a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. One thing in the book, which Jen read and said every day, helped her change a lot.

Jen says, "I was pretending to be someone else. That made me unhappy and caused my problems like depression and eating issues."

Jen and her partner Chris started a company that helps people with public relations. But they decided to change and help people with something they really cared about—teaching other business owners and smart people how to show their brands to the world. Jen thinks that doing something a lot and getting better at it is key to doing well and feeling good.

Jen says, "To do well, you have to practice a lot. Keep doing it over and over."

Jen and Chris decided to sell their company and do only what they loved—helping others learn and grow. This shows that taking chances and doing what you really want can lead to good things. Their story is proof that doing what you love is a great way to find success.

Jen tells us, "Take risks. Do what you love. That's when the magic happens."

Jen says that words are powerful, especially when you say "I am." These words can help make things come true. She also talks about the "Wonderwalk," a special exercise that can help you see yourself doing great things and being happy.

Jen explains, "Saying 'I am' can make things happen. The 'Wonderwalk' is like listening to a song that makes you feel good and pretending you're doing something amazing."

Jen has a special way to remind herself of how strong she is. She pushes herself hard during exercise and thinks about all the tough times she's gotten through. This helps her stay strong and do even better things in the future.

Jen says, "I do something hard in the gym and think about how I got through tough times before."

Jen Gottlieb's story is about going from struggling to be an actress to being a successful business owner and speaker. Her talk on "The Jeff Fenster Show" teaches us that being ourselves and doing what we love can help us change and do great things. Jen's advice and exercises can help anyone who wants to be better and happier. So, let's be ourselves, practice, take chances, use powerful words, and remember how strong we really are!

Jeff Fenster

Founder, Everbowl

Jeff Fenster is an award winning entrepreneur, best selling author, podcast host and expert in relationship capital.

His entrepreneurial success is vast - ranging from a quick serve restaurant chain, payroll and HR company, digital marketing agency and a construction company. But no matter what venture Jeff pursues, he lives by the principle of putting people first.

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Jeff’s acclaimed podcast, The Jeff Fenster Show, features successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes sharing their insights and stories of success. Today, Jeff speaks around the country on entrepreneurial mindset, authentic networking and vertical integration.

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