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Discover What Makes Certain Stocks Worth Investing in With Tykr

This program uses open-source calculations to determine the financial strength of 30K+ stocks.

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Placing all your eggs in one basket, such as your career, may not pay off financially in the long run. On the other hand, diversifying your income cannot only keep you afloat between jobs but also help you generate long-term wealth. Starting small before investing in something like real estate may have lower returns, but it could reduce risk while building confidence.


The stock market can be a great place to start, and if you have no prior trading experience (or any investing know-how, for that matter), a stock screening program like Tykr might be worth considering.

Entering the stock market can be daunting, but Tykr provides in-depth analysis that could give you insights on how to invest your hard-earned money best. According to Tykr, you can find stocks worth investing in within 30 seconds.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, this tool calculates the strength of over 30,000 domestic and international stocks. Tykr's AI gives each stock a summary to help you determine whether it's worth buying, holding, or selling. The program also scores stocks with a maximum of 20 to illustrate their overall financial strength. Finally, Tykr gives stocks Margin of Safety (MOS) ratings to project their potential for return.

Best of all, the app isn't pure magic. Tykr uses open-source calculations, so you can investigate the reasoning behind its assessments and make your own judgments as you gain confidence and build your stock portfolio. And if you're too busy to keep up with the latest market developments, Tykr could be a major time-saver. For instance, verified customer Grant Jackson wrote, "I've been looking for a way to assess what stocks will be profitable to buy without spending hours a day to do it. This subscription does all the number crunching for me so I can spend my time focusing on other things."

While Tykr can't recommend how you should invest your stocks, it can certainly teach you when to buy or sell by analyzing which shares are low or high risk. New users can purchase a discounted lifetime Tykr Pro Plan here.

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