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How to Normalize Massive Success and Having a Lot of Money in Your Life The fastest way to reach massive success and having a lot of money is by normalizing it around you.

By Bertrand Ngampa Edited by Chelsea Brown

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This morning, I had a conversation with my business partner who's also a close friend of mine. We were talking about canceling the white noise from people who try to project their shortcomings onto you. He was looking to normalize having luxury, success and money in his life. Mainly, success and money are the issues. People would demonize him if he openly shared his success, desire to have money and pursuit of a higher quality of life.

The topic of money, in particular, makes people wary, because everyone is projecting their ideas and beliefs about money onto you. They are judging how much money you should have based on their own life experiences and beliefs about money. So, in this article, I will talk about how to cancel the white noise and normalize having money and success in your life.

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Disregard everyone's projections

Number one is easier said than done, but you must disregard everyone's projections and become aware that they are projecting their thoughts and beliefs onto you. According to research, at the start of 2022, 64% of the population was living paycheck to paycheck. After many years of coaching high achievers, I can tell you that everyone goes through the issue of wanting more yet being dragged down by the masses who believe that wanting more is greedy or makes you an evil person.

"Why can't you just be happy with what you have?"

People will criticize you for not being content where you are. But it is about your personal journey with success and achieving to the highest level. So, knowing that most people are suffering living paycheck to paycheck, you have to disregard their view of what success is, and define it for yourself. If that's spending $30,000 on a trip, then spend $30,000 on the trip. If that's getting two six-figure jobs, get two six-figure jobs. Also, if that's spending an egregious amount of money on a luxury car, then do so. Finally, if that means going against the grain and making someone's yearly income in a month, please do so. Whatever success looks like for you, define it and go claim it.

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Up-level your circle

The fastest way to normalize having success and money is by being around other people who normalize it already. When I played college football, the quickest way that I got faster was by running with people who were faster than me. Being a high achiever, you are already a competitive person, which means that by running with people even more remarkable than you, you will get better yourself.

Do whatever you must do to get around people who are at a higher level than you and a higher earning than you. That may mean investing in a mastermind. That may mean saving money into an account, so you can look at the high amount daily.

Side note: I highly recommend putting $200 to $500 in an account and calling it your wealth account. Make sure you set that amount to come out automatically, so the account can grow on autopilot. When the account starts to hit $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, and even higher, look at the money, and do not spend it. You have to get comfortable with having large sums of money in a bank account that you do not rush to go spend.

Push through the awkwardness & share your desires

The only way you are going to get comfortable with having money and having these money conversations is by having these conversations regardless of what people believe and think about you. When you're pushing for greatness, you are going to have critics on your bottom, top, left and right. Critics are just a part of the money and success game.

When LeBron James drops 50+ points and leads his team to victory, he has naysayers. If he has a bad game, he is still beat down by the naysayers. There's always someone who's going to attack him, regardless of how he does.

In the same way, there will also be someone attacking your goals, regardless of what you're doing or how you're doing it. The only way to get over that is by sharing your truth and living your truth. Yes, it will be uncomfortable for a while, but you are going to love the new way of living.

To finalize, remember that when you seek to normalize massive success and money in your life, you have to disregard the traditional culture. Get around people who are already at the level you are seeking to reach, and even higher, so that it becomes normal for you. Push through the noise and start sharing your results, because you will inspire others along the way who are looking for the same things. This is not an overnight process, but stick with it daily, because you will love the results!

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Bertrand Ngampa

High Performance and Optimization Strategist

Bertrand Ngampa is the founder of a high-performance coaching and consulting agency. He is a best-selling author, writer, speaker, podcaster, content creator, consultant and military veteran.

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