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The pandemic-era boom in tech investing led to stratospheric valuations in some of the top NASDAQ companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Although the tech industry has become the star player in many portfolios, an overlooked sector of the industry is cybersecurity. Recently in the spotlight with the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline in the southeast U.S., cybersecurity is an industry that some say will only grow as hackers become more prolific; already there are predictions that cybercrime will cost more than $10 trillion annually within the next five years.

While large companies can afford sophisticated security systems, the average household can't be expected to pay the high costs of cybersecurity consulting. During the pandemic, household victims of hacking tripled while reports have shown that 90 percent of 8- to 16-year-olds saw inappropriate content due to lack of home network monitoring while remote learning. This increase is especially concerning considering that the typical home has an average of 12 items connected to the internet, each a point of vulnerability to cybercriminals. That's where security companies focused on the next generation firewall (NGFW) for the "Internet of Things" like Gryphon comes in.

Comprehensive home network security.

Gryphon is a cybersecurity company that uses a cloud-managed, network-based solution to protect families from all types of online threats ranging from malicious spyware to excessive screen time for their children. The incredibly user-friendly design only requires the customer to set up Gryphon as their network router, install an easy-to-use app, and let the comprehensive machine learning program do the rest. By forming a layer of protection at the network level, parents can filter out unwanted content from their child's web-browsing, prevent hackers from taking over the virtual assistant's microphone, and make sure that any viruses are stopped before they enter the network. Gryphon accomplishes all of this without juggling software on a dozen different devices or subscribing to expensive, complicated security software that slows down your computer.

Small businesses and families are an untapped market in the cybersecurity sector. While hacks of major companies are in the news, households are suffering under an epidemic of ransomware, identity theft, and malware, just to name a few. The average person needs cybersecurity that will protect every device using their home network, that is easy to set up, and not require a team of IT professionals. Most people don't have time to learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity, and Gryphon has come up with an easy-to-use product that will storm the market.

Accolades abound.

Gryphon has already proven its product's worth, with over 25,000 Gryphon Routers sold since 2018. Leading the charge is Gryphon's Co-Founder and CEO, John Wu, who holds 25 patents and is most known for his involvement in developing the MiFi mobile hotspot. So far, the award-winning company has taken home Best of CES 2019 from Tech Aeris and Best Parental Control Solution from Fatherly. That, along with more than 3,000 customer reviews gives any investor the confidence that Gryphon is a start-up that has established itself as a serious player in the home cybersecurity marketplace.

Grossing more than $5 million in total sales so far, Gryphon has seen 2.4 times its year-over-year sales growth since 2019, and with the growth in remote work and learning, that is expected only to increase. They are sold at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, making them accessible to the average consumer and attractive to an investor who wants steady, reliable growth over an untested unicorn pipedream.

How you can invest.

Gryphon is looking to continue their steady expansion into at-home cybersecurity, while over the long term pursuing opportunities in software licensing and international distribution. The cybersecurity network is still young, and Gryphon is one of the first, and best placed, to tap into the massive revenue stream of home cybersecurity. Find out more about Gryphon and how you can invest in the future of home cybersecurity here.

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