How to Make 6 Figures Right Out Of College Don't get stuck in the system and break out using this method.

By Sean Boyle

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Congratulations! You have graduated from college… Now what? This is a question asked by many new graduates every year, with many struggling to reach that ideal 6 figure pay for years! Don't get stuck in the system and break out using this method. I will teach you how to make over $100,000 per year by practicing and finding a fully remote job for "appointment setting."

Appointment setting

All you need to do for this job is bring potential clients and a dedicated salesperson together. An appointment setter plays a crucial role in the sales process and acts as the first impression for the brand. You will be in charge of generating leads for the sales team to follow up with.

With this job, you can make large amounts of money from commissions without having to have the experience and skill of the actual salesperson. This job serves as a great introduction to a career in selling, with a massive potential for growth in career and salary wise.

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Learn the skills

To find success in appointment setting, you need to have the skills. Fortunately, these skills require no degree or certification and can be mastered quickly. Use free resources like Youtube and Google to learn about the job and how to sell.

This alone is good enough to find a 6-figure job right out of college, but if you want to learn more about the intricacies of selling and how to win, read these books on sales that shaped me into the salesman I am today: 100M Offer by Alex Hormozi, The Challenger Sale by Matt Dixon and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Sharpen your skills by practicing selling to your friends, family and eventually to ideal clients of your desired field; more on that later.

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Find the right company

When getting into sales, many rookies make the mistake of working for companies that pay high commission percentages but for a relatively inexpensive product. This is why choosing a company that sells a "high-ticket" product or service is essential.

These high-ticket products are usually in the range of thousands to tens of thousands in price, including automobiles, software, medical procedures and consulting services. This is where the real money is and where just a small appointment-setting position can yield significant amounts of commission and soar to 6 figures.

But why stop there? With the advancement of technology and the changing office environments post-2020, finding a remote job is easier now than ever before. You can reach that 100k salary working from your home.

Get hired on the spot with this trick

To the anxious new grad, this all may seem too good to be true. Though finding a 6 figure remote job in appointment setting is relatively easy, you need to be good at sales to be hired. So here you have two options: One, you could grind at a low-paying sales job until you have enough experience on your resume for years, or you could use this trick to give the company you are applying for an offer they CAN'T refuse! The trick is to show up to your interview with three potential clients under your belt who are ready to schedule a demo with the sales team.

Not only will you prove you can sell their product, but you will also have made them some business before they even hired you. To accomplish this, research your company closely and find ideal clients for their product through Google and social media.

Once you find these clients, cold call or message them asking if they would be interested in a demonstration with the sales team. This could take some work, but remember you don't have to sell the product to these potential clients, just a meeting with the sales team. Reach out to as many people as possible, and once you have three interested people, schedule your interview with the company. With this trick, you have an extremely high chance of being hired on the spot right out of college.

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In closing

Start making six figures this year by becoming a fully remote appointment setter and nailing that first interview with three clients ready to go. The best part is it doesn't have to stop there — mastering selling will benefit other aspects of your life and career. Once you reach that 6 figure goal, you can spend the time you saved where you would have been grinding with a low wage for years to enhance your skills further and reach your next goal faster!

Sean Boyle

CEO of Momentum 360

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