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8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website by Reducing Bounce Rates A high bounce rate can mean your website isn't doing a good job of engaging and converting your website visitors. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce bounce rates on your website.

By Scott Baradell

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Bounce rates are a measure of how users interact with your website. It is calculated by dividing single-page sessions by all the sessions on your site, which will tell you the percentage of sessions in which users viewed only a single page of your content before leaving to go somewhere else online.

If your bounce rate is too high, it could mean you need to make some changes to your website. Here are some specific tips for improving your bounce rates.

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1. Improve your content's readability

Use shorter sentences and paragraphs; shorter sentences make it easier for readers to follow the train of thought, reducing their chance of bouncing. Use images sparingly and only when they add value or enhance understanding of the text. Images can also bounce traffic if they're not well-designed or don't load quickly. Place calls to action at the end of each post instead of in the middle or beginning, where they're more likely to be missed.

2. Avoid popups

Popups can be annoying and cause users to bounce from your site. They can also lead to lower referral rates, as users may feel inclined not to share links with you if they know you're using popups. To reduce the chance of popping up, use plain content pages with no ads or unnecessary distractions, keep your page size small and avoid using intrusive animations or flashing graphics. If a popup does need to be used, make sure it's clear what the user is required to do next and that it's easy to dismiss without leaving the site.

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3. Create a compelling call-to-action (CTA)

Be clear about what action you want your user to take. If you want them to sign up for your newsletter, ensure the CTA is prominently displayed. If you want them to buy something, be specific about what product or service they need to purchase. Use catchy wording that will stick in people's minds. When writing the copy for your CTA, use words that evoke excitement or curiosity. For example, "You won't believe how easy it is to get started!" or "Introducing our newest product – now available only on our website!

4. Keep your blog fresh

Keep your blog fresh by regularly updating content; new posts help keep readers coming back and will help you attract followers and boost SEO. But avoid posting duplicate or outdated content — this will only frustrate readers and drive them away. Be sure to use high-quality images and videos when possible. These can help draw readers in and make your blog more visually appealing.

5. Attract the right visitors

Incorporate user feedback into your design and development processes to improve usability and customer satisfaction. Use content marketing tactics to attract targeted visitors and SEO techniques to ensure high visibility. Finally, focus on providing helpful content and engaging with potential customers on social media platforms. All of these measures can help you increase the likelihood that people will stay on your site and explore its offerings.

6. Speed up your page load time

Improving your website's page load time can help reduce bounce rates and improve user experience. You can optimize images, use compression tools and remove redundant files from your website to achieve quick loading times. Following certain best practices can also improve performance, such as using a CDN or caching services. Finally, make sure you have a solid web hosting plan that enables you to make good use of resources like memory and CPU cycles. These simple steps ensure that your website is as fast as possible for visitors and provides a better user experience overall.

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7. Set external links to open in new windows

There are many reasons why a website's visitors might bounce off of it, but one of the leading causes is poor design. One way to reduce bounce rate and encourage more visits from potential customers is to set external links to open in new windows. This way, the visitor stays on your site longer and has an easier time finding what they're looking for.

8. Make your site mobile-friendly

One way to reduce bounce rate is to create a mobile-friendly layout. This means creating content that is easily accessible and navigable on mobile devices. Additionally, ensure all text is legible at small sizes and use clear font types that are easy on the eyes. Finally, include responsive design features so your site will look good across different device sizes. Other methods to reduce the bounce rate include increasing the user experience and engagement, providing quality content and upselling products or services instead of selling ads.

Final words

Reducing bounce rates can significantly impact your website's conversion rate. You can improve your website's overall performance by understanding the factors contributing to bounce rates and implementing strategies to reduce them.

Scott Baradell

CEO of Idea Grove

Trust expert Scott Baradell is editor of the "Trust Signals" blog, author of the upcoming book "Trust Signals" and CEO of Idea Grove, a unified PR and marketing agency. Idea Grove has ranked three times as an Inc. 5000 company and was named 2020 Agency of the Year by the Dallas PRSA.

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