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9 Dream Cars for Entrepreneurs The coolest wheels for business and pleasure.

By Patrick Carone Edited by Dan Bova

Tesla Model X

Whether you're a bootstrapper looking for amazing value or are an innovator looking to make a statement (hello, Tesla!) we hit the roads to bring you a group of great cars that fulfill a wide array of entrepreneurial needs.

In the market for new wheels? Good timing. Car sales in October are expected to have dropped 7 percent, and according to Nick Carey at Reuters, automakers are hiking incentives to attract more buyers. Time to rev up your next visit to the dealership.


MSRP: From $51,700

Special features: Goes from zero to 60 in four seconds flat, made to devour twisty roads, just the right size for you, a colleague and a couple suitcases

Our test driver says: "It channels the DNA of the original M3 from the "80s -- you won't find more fun for the size anywhere."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Small size for zipping around cities and squeezing into parking lots in an unbelievably fun, relatively practical package

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Infiniti QX30

MSRP: From $29,950

Special features: Sporty handling, copious driver-assistance features for when your mind wanders, space-age looks ensure you arrive in style

Our test driver says: "Compact crossover SUVs are one of the most crowded automotive segments and the QX30 still stands out."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Road warrior? You won't mind driving all day thanks to its modern tech and premium comfort.

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Tesla Model X

MSRP: From $74,000

Special features: Fully electric engine with mind-boggling 532 horsepower, 250-mile range, room for seven of your luckiest co-workers.

Our test driver says: "Driving a Tesla shows you're a visionary. The Model X's gullwing doors show you're a boss."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: You see the future and you're ready to get there very quickly.

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Lincoln Continental

MSRP: From $44,560

Special features: Smooth ride, cocoon-like interior chock-full of the latest tech, supporting an iconic American brand

Our test driver says: "Matthew McConaughey is on to something -- Lincoln is coming back in a big way, and the luxurious Continental is proof."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Plenty of luggage space for frequent fliers, legendary comfort, reliability and safety for frequent drivers

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Bentley Continental GT V8 S

MSRP: From $210,700

Special features: A rolling piece of art, a twin-turbo V8 that produces 521 horsepower, a leather-filled cabin that might be the most luxurious place on Earth

Our test driver says: "This sexy beast is what you want to pull up in if you want to be seen as a master of the universe."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Instant CEO status

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Cadillac XT5

MSRP: From $38,995

Special features: Plenty of room for four -- or fold down rear seats if you're schlepping materials, striking exterior design, Cadillac's CUE system (Connected User Interface) allows work on the go

Our test driver says: "Loved the interior and tech features like the rear camera connected directly to the rearview mirror. High-tech but totally user-friendly."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Stay connected in a luxurious environment that's more affordable than you'd think.

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Genesis G90

MSRP: From $68,100

Special features: Insane level of luxury for the price, almost all options come standard, shows you're not willing to overpay for a fancy nameplate

Our test driver says: "They dropped Hyundai from the name hoping to launch a new luxury brand and dropped the mic with a fantastic product."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Demonstrates that value is what you value.

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Lexus LX

MSRP: From $89,380

Special features: Room for your eight-person team, whisper-quiet interior helps you concentrate on work, elegant-but-aggressive design helps you rule the parking lot

Our test driver says: "It's roomy and luxurious, but it looks like a badass truck. You feel tough driving this thing, and oh yes, it can move."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Plenty of cargo space for hauling around goods and/or teammates in style.

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McLaren 570GT

MSRP: From $201,450

Special features: Over-the-top supercar looks (complete with butterfly doors), jaw-dropping performance (zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds), side-opening glass cargo hatch provides additional cargo space

Our test driver says: "It's the ultimate long-distance, day-to-day ride. The 570GT marries supercar performance with drive-it-everyday practicality."

Why it's great for an entrepreneur: Never be late for a meeting again … and make the ultimate impression.

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