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Enterprise Chatbots and the Conversational Commerce Revolutionizing Business Enterprise and internal chatbots are revolutionizing the way companies do business.

By Marsha Hunt

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People have placed so much emphasis on consumer-based chatbots that enterprise chatbots are long forgotten. Now, organizations are realizing that chatbots can be incorporated into their business plans on a much deeper level than simple customer care tools.

Enterprise chatbots are taking the spotlight, proving to be effective for increasing company productivity, cutting costs and assisting current teams. These new internal and B2B chatbots are acting as personal assistants, feedback tools, project managers, and for communicating with third parties. Conversational Commerce in the new revolution in the enterprise workplace.

To help you get an idea of how these chatbots are being used, here's a list of six chatbot examples that are revolutionizing the way we do business.

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What is an enterprise chatbot?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence-powered robots with natural language processing that are able to communicate with humans. Chatbots are known as great customer care, marketing, and sales tools. Thanks to the advancements in the technology that powers them, they're expected to also make a huge disruption in the B2B market.

Rather than simply interacting with consumers, these enterprise chatbots now have the potential to handle a variety of virtual assistant tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, as well as acting as in-house project management tools. They're not only making internal processes that little more automated, but also streamlining payment processes between businesses and their vendors and suppliers.

1. Chattypeople

Chattypeople is a chatbot-building platform that allows you to create a bot without a mound of coding or programming knowledge. Through it, you can create a chatbot in a matter of minutes by just linking your social media pages to your Chattypeople account.

Chattypeople is revolutionizing business by supporting multiple CMS platforms and business categories. It currently supports Opencart, Magento, and Woocommerce. It also allows food businesses to boost sales by personalizing customer experiences. In addition to the above, the platform works as a campaign management tool and a delivery engine.

Lastly, by using Chattypeople, you can create a chatbot that:

  • Integrates directly with your social media accounts
  • Can take payments from your social media profiles
  • Uses major payment systems, such as Paypal
  • Recognizes variations of your keywords

ChatBot expert Murray Newlands commented that "Where 10 years ago every company needed a website and five years ago every company needed an app, now every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots."

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2. Meekan

Meekan chatbots are revolutionizing the way organizations do business by streamlining internal processes via Slack. Instead of going back and forth with emails and checking numerous calendars before setting up meetings, Meekan matches everyone's calendars and finds shared free time.

Meekan chatbots are also able to:

  • Reschedule current meetings
  • Check team calendars without changing applications
  • Check for flights
  • Organize multiple calendars in different time zones

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3. Polly the Poll

As the name suggests, Polly the Poll is a chatbot that checks up on team health and well-being through polls. You can create one-time or recurring polls to check up on teams and receive feedback. You can then analyze this data, track trends, and gain valuable insights as to what is and isn't working with your internal processes.

The platform works through Slack and is able to send simple polls that require team members to use emojis, as well as advanced polls; these include anonymity, which is the ability for members to leave comments and stop them from voting more than once on each topic. Polly the Poll is a great way to find out how team members are feeling, if they're enjoying their work, and whether or not they feel new initiatives are working.

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4. Kudi

Kudi is empowering financial teams by making payment processes that little bit easier. The chatbot allows people to make payments directly from their messaging applications. Kudi is now available 24/7 on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, as well as through your preferred internet browser.

Gone are the days where you forget to make important payments or misplace the details you need to make them. Through Kudi, you can:

  • Pay all your bills
  • Set bill reminders
  • Make airtime top-ups
  • Make fund transfers by simply sending a text

Kudi is safe, guaranteeing end-to-end security of private information and payment details. She is every business's perfect virtual accountant.

4. Verbal Access

Another financial AI assistant is North Side, Inc.'s Verbal Access. Instead of limiting the experience to simply making payments and sending money, Verbal Access is an all-around telephone banker that's aware of your business's financial context and can answer questions about anything banking related.

The chatbot offers a personalized digital banking experience and is able to make recommendations for banking services and products that could benefit your business. Verbal Access learns as you converse with it, meaning you can speak to it as you would a friend via text or speech.

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5. Twyla

Twyla is a chatbot-building platform that can complement your existing customer care and live chat support. It's revolutionizing business by helping organizations of all sizes free up their human resources, allowing them to work on other tasks, thus increasing productivity.

With messaging platforms becoming consumers' preferred way of reaching out to businesses, having a customer care chatbot is proving to be an efficient way to reach customers without making a huge monetary investment hiring more team members.

Twyla allows businesses to shift support conversations from phone to chat. The platform is extremely easy to use; all you need to do is:

  • Integrate Twyla into your existing messaging platforms or helpdesk
  • Let it listen and learn from your current customer care conversations
  • Optimize Twyla to help it deliver the best options in the right tone of voice
  • Let it converse with customers

Twyla is available on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and the web. Soon, businesses will also be able to integrate it into WhatsApp.

6. Talla

Talla, also known as Talla the Task Assistant, is an internal chatbot that enables HR and IT teams within businesses to work smarter. Instead of being interrupted by emails, chat messages, and unexpected meetings, Talla offers an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it simple to manage all inquiries in one place.

In addition to the above, Talla can:

  • Answer frequently asked questions so you only have to do it once
  • Deliver information on IT best practices within your business
  • Automate repetitive HR and IT tasks

Employees need to constantly ask questions about their job, projects, and the company they are working for in order to thrive. Unfortunately, most of these questions end up with HR and IT teams, taking away time from their days. Talla can deliver this information for them, keeping employees engaged while giving back other team members the time they need to allocate to other jobs.

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Chatbots are the next big thing and it's not just limited to the customer care, marketing, and sales aspects of a business. Enterprise and internal chatbots are revolutionizing the way companies are doing business. By using some, if not all, of the platforms mentioned above, you'll be able to automate your processes, thus freeing up team members and improving overall productivity.

Marsha Hunt

Growth Marketing Expert

Marsha Hunt is a Growth Marketing Expert business advisor and speaker with specialism in international marketing.

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