Fast, Furious and Humorous: Sound Bites From Social Media Week A collection of tweets from attendees during the big social media event in New York City.

By Jason Fell

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Marketing professionals from all over the country descended upon New York City this week for Social Media Week to learn from industry leaders on how to create engaging content, respond to customers during a crisis, incorporate humor into your tweets and more. The goal: learn something new about social media marketing that they can use for their own companies and startups.

We were there, too, in the trenches taking notes, networking and live-tweeting all the relevant sound bites. We collected a variety of tweets from attendees -- including some of our own -- that might give you a taste for how the event went down.

Here are some of the highlights from Twitter:

Friday, February 22:

Richard Robbins, founder of marketing consultancy Upper West Strategies
"On Twitter, you imagine your audience to be the people you follow, not the people who follow you." Good insight from @zephoria #smwbigdata

Heather Renae Cosson, social media strategist ‏
"Content is king." I can't tell you how much I've heard that this week. Remember engagement is queen. #smw13 #ShermanLevine

Kat Sagun, public relations professional ‏
Would rather have 100 followers who engage & care about content than 1 million who don't #smwtumblr #SMWNYC #smw13 #socialmedia

Linnea Zielinski , aspiring publishing professional‏
@MayaBogle's claim that microsites are "content ghettos" shortsighted. It ignores the power and loyalty of the niche market. #smwfuturemedia

The EmergingDesigner, a network for emerging designers and fashion professionals
Tagging is a key strategy for building your audience on tumblr #smwtumblr #smw13 Go broad and think about how people are searching.

Amanda McCormick, founder of Jellybean Boom, a web and social media consultancy ‏
"U could take the most boring thing in the world and if you take a great photo of it, people will love it. -Alexis Kaplan @tumblr #smwtumblr

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Thursday, February 21:

ClickZ, a digital marketing news site ‏
'I don't share your brand cause I like your brand, I share your brand cause I like my friends'. @jperelman #smw13

Jason Fell , technology editor,‏
On customers who just want to brand bash on social media, @LaurieAMeacham says sometimes "haters are just going to hate." #SMW13

Matt Bruck, co-founder of Joios, a "collaborative tasting community"
Scott Anderson (@controlgroup): Silicon Valley funding is bigger "but in doing business, there's no other place like" NYC. #smwNYCtech

Fenton, a global team of communicators
Want to be a thought leader? Get your CEO, president, founder, experts, etc. engaging on social media! #smwfoundations

James Sims, social media manager at New York City's Lincoln Center
"Social media teams are the new creative departments in companies." Creating content mixed with responding quickly. #smwbuzzfeed

JWT New York, a marketing communications company
"Thinking like a newsroom is the future model for how brands will engage"- @boughb #SMWnative #SMW13

Dianna McDougall, content strategist and designer ‏
"Has anyone ever hooked up with someone they've met on LinkedIn?" @BoobsRadley #smwcomedy

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Wednesday, February 20:

Christine Condon, a social media and digital marketing professional
Change your marketing campaigns on the fly ala #Oreo. This makes your message relevant and memorable. #smwcontent2013 #smwnyc

Kat Patke, social media and community consultant at New York University
Handling social media in a crisis: Simple yet so important--don't let it fester. Address it asap. #smwItHappens #smw13

Melissa Baratta, vice president at public relations, marketing and social media company Affect
Communicating the problem to customers is just as important as fixing the problem #smwSandy #SMW13

Annamarie Tush, grad student‏
"Always enter the converstion [sic] already taking place in your customers mind" #smwcontent2013

Henry Copeland, CEO of ‏blog advertising company Blogads
'We try to identify emerging memes, get our spin on it out to our community and let them carry it further' sez @tribecafilmfest #smwevents

Tuesday, February 19:

Jason Fell, technology editor,‏
"Take time to appreciate and celebrate your fans" on social media. ~@ScottMonty #SMW13 #SMWFORD

Neal Mann, social media editor at The Wall Street Journal
Rise of visual social media explained in a pic of the audience - almost all on their mobile phones #smwvisual

Ted Rubin, chief social marketing officer at Collective Bias, a "social shopper media company"
Brands need 2 stop trying 2 figure out how 2 sell stuff in SocMedia... & learn how 2b "social" in SocMedia. #smwsocialcommerce

Social Media Today, an online community for professionals in PR, marketing and advertising
@ricksmolan "A person now receives more information in 1 day than the average person in the 1500s did in a lifetime." #smwhq

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