Five to Follow on Twitter for Marketing to Moms When it comes to turning moms into customers, these tweeters have insights in spades.

By Kara Ohngren Prior

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Five to Follow on Twitter for Marketing to MomsStacy DeBroff knows what moms want. As a best-selling author of four parenting books and founder and CEO of Boston-based Moms Central Consulting, she specializes in viral marketing to moms. Since 2006, Mom Central has partnered with hundreds of leading brands including Mattel, Johnson & Johnson and Kraft, to build relationships with moms using social media and off-line events like brand-hosted Mom Blogger and Influencer parties. Often dubbed a "parenting guru," DeBroff works on behalf of her clients to create passionate brand advocates.

Twitter is an important piece of DeBroff's overall branding strategy. That's where she connects with more than 23,000 followers and offers a steady stream of useful parenting-related news and product info @MomCentral.

Here's her list of the top five Twitter feeds to follow for entrepreneurs looking for insights on how reach the mommy market.

  1. @BethHarte
    Followers: 22,549
    Tweets: 34,485
    Beth Harte is a marketing pro and public speaker from Philadelphia who offers consulting to the "customer-centric organization." She also pens the blog The Harte of Marketing. With a slant toward women and moms, she regularly tweets her expert opinion on a range of marketing campaigns, as well as links to useful marketing articles from across the web.
    Sample Tweet: @cgornpr It's repulsive because it's terrible marketing and PR. Why would you send that to a mom for HER mom?! Wrong demographic.
  2. @GuruofNew
    Followers: 2,378
    Tweets: 10,350
    Sarah Browne is a San Francisco-based social media strategist and author of the popular blog focused in part on marketing to women and moms, Guru of New. She primarily tweets about emerging social media trends as they relate to women. Check out her @repliesfor other great mom-related tweeters to follow.
    Sample Tweet: Somebody just made my Friday. That would be @MomCentralChat of course. Can't wait for the next trend report. Nose to grindstone @thopeross!
  3. @Idilgh
    Followers: 643
    Tweets: 544
    New York-based PR expert Idil Cakim specializes in implementing word of mouth marketing by identifying influential moms online. Her Twitter feed is full of useful stats about mom buyers and general social media news.
    Sample Tweet: Babycenter and the 2011 Mobile Mom Report - Technorati Women
  4. @ConversationAge
    Followers: 24,991
    Tweets: 23,730
    As a New York-based brand strategist and public speaker, Valeria Maltoni focuses on integrated marketing, customer insights and brand advocacy. The author of the popular marketing blog Conversation Agent primarily tweets inspirational nuggets geared toward marketing to niche groups -- like moms.
    Sample Tweet: So I see a lot of posts telling people to make stuff happen. Are you helping or just talking? Support is a key ingredient in #influence
  5. @M2Moms
    Followers: 556
    Tweets: 206
    This is the official Twitter feed of M2Moms, an annual marketing to moms conference held in Chicago. Followers are treated to a flood of relevant tweets about mom buying trends and news.
    Sample Tweet: Kellogg's "Share Your Breakfast" campaign resonates with moms because it hits on 4 key Mom points

Who do you follow for marketing insights on how to reach moms? Leave us a comment and let us know.

- Ohngren is a freelance writer in Long Beach, Calif.

Kara Ohngren is a freelance writer and part-time editor at YoungEntrepreneur. Her work has appeared in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC, The Huffington Post and Business Insider.

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