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Picture This: Emoji Passwords

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Four-digit personal identification numbers are too square for millennials.

At least, that's what the British security firm Intelligent Environments is betting on. The company just launched an alternative to the traditional PIN designed explicitly for 15- to 25-year-olds: emoji passwords. Instead of typing in four digits to access online bank accounts, users would enter a series of four emojis, the BBC reports.

Besides the argument that emoji passwords are more fun than numbers, Intelligent Environments claims the passwords are also more secure since the 44 emoji options offer more potential combinations than numbers 0 to 9. In a promotional video (below) memory expert Tony Buzan says emoji are easier to remember because "the brain doesn't work digitally or verbally -- it works imagistically."

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To ensure that you don't forget your password, Intelligent Environments recommends that your emoji-sequence tells a story.

"You can use hearts, bits of fruit," David Webber, managing director at Intelligent Environments, says in the video.

"We've got the hamburger, we've got the smiling poo," adds Alan Brown, a product development manager.

"Banana!" declares Buzan.

While the company has not announced any official partnerships, it says it is in talks with banks to launch the technology sometime within the next year.

So, what would your emoji story/password be? Just think of all the options…

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