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What McDonald's Australia's New Job 'Snaplications' Can Teach You About Pitching

It's exactly what it sounds like: job applications through Snapchat.

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What's one of the best platforms for reaching a younger audience? . At least that's what McDonald's appears to think.

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Today, in an attempt to add more young people to its workforce, McDonald's launched "Snaplications." Snapchat users can apply for a job through the social app.

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Through a McDonald's-themed lens, a user will see themselves in a McDonald's uniform, and in a 10-second Snap, the applicant must convey their resume and why they should be hired. After sending the Snaplication to McDonald's Australia's account, @maccas, an applicant will receive a link to the company's career site to complete the process.

McDonald's is putting the pressure on with its elevator-pitch-like application process. "When we're assessing the opportunity for them to come and join our 100,000 crew base, we're really looking at attitude and enthusiasm. I think within 10 seconds, we can get that across," McDonald's Australia's digital director Mark Wheeler told Mashable.

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Whether or not McDonald's attempt at creating a trendy, millennial-centric hiring process will be successful, it teaches a valuable lesson -- the importance of always having an elevator pitch at the ready. Being able to describe yourself and your accomplishments in a way that showcases your personality and persuades someone to consider you, in under 10 seconds, is a skill everyone should develop -- especially entrepreneurs.

Here's what you can learn from McDonald's Snaplications:

1. Know exactly what you have to offer.

The ability to explain what value you can provide a person or a company is vital in any pitch setting -- whether it be a McDonald's Snaplication or a meeting with a potential investor. By summarizing your skill set, your strengths and how you can be helpful, you'll portray yourself as an attractive candidate quickly and effectively.

2. Don't be afraid to show your personality.

No one is going to hire or invest in someone they don't like. If you can't be yourself and show your personality during a quick pitch, you won't stand out, and you can forget about landing that job or getting funding.

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3. Keep it short.

In a typical elevator pitch, you'll likely have a little more time than 10 seconds -- but maybe not. Make sure your elevator pitch is short and to the point. Consider crafting a one-sentence elevator pitch in case you find yourself restricted to just a few seconds.

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