From Mark Zuckerberg to Richard Branson: Here Are 5 Amazing Leadership Lessons From Famous 'Dadpreneurs'

From Mark Zuckerberg to Richard Branson: Here Are 5 Amazing Leadership Lessons From Famous 'Dadpreneurs'

Mark Zuckerberg

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The CEO and founder of Facebook hasn’t been a dad for very long but he’s been extremely public about his adoration toward his daughter. When Mark Zuckerberg and his doctor wife Priscilla Chan became parents to Maxima “Max” Zuckerberg last November the 32-year-old tech billionaire took two months paternity leave from Facebook, one of the few U.S. companies to offer up to four months paid paternity leave.

"Studies show that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, outcomes are better for the children and families," Zuckerberg explained at the time in a Facebook post. 

He also posted on Facebook an open letter to his daughter, in which he describes his hopes of the sort of world he’d like her to grow up in, while also announcing that he is pledging 99 percent of his $46 billion fortune to his joint charitable foundation with his wife.

“As you begin the next generation of the Chan Zuckerberg family," he wrote, “we also begin the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to join people across the world to advance human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation. Our initial areas of focus will be personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.” The point of his donation, he wrote, is to move the needle to better the world.

Mark Zuckerberg with his new daughter Max

While Zuckerberg clearly doesn’t have a lot of free time while helming the biggest social-media company in the world connecting 1.65 billion active users, as of data from March 2016, it’s clear that fatherhood has changed his leadership for the better. It not only has made him want to better the world through his massive reach and fortune, but it’s also enhanced his brand as a Silicon Valley leader, making him more accessible and humanized through one warm-and-fuzzy Facebook post at a time.

Here are four more famous entrepreneurs who give fatherhood a good name. 

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