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10 Side Hustles Ideal for Making Some Spare Cash In the Evenings Making extra money after work is very relaxing if you're worried about bills.

By Murray Newlands Edited by Dan Bova

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Sometimes, a full-time day job isn't even enough to allow you to save money or pay your mortgage and bills. That said, finding the energy to spend your evenings working can also be difficult. You need to find work that's not as challenging as your day job and/or that allows you to do something different.

With the above in mind, I've created this list of 10 side hustles that can help make you some spare cash in the evenings.

1. Building chatbots for companies.

If you're reading this thinking, "I definitely don't have the expertise to create chatbots for big companies," think again! Nowadays, you don't need to have any coding or programming knowledge to create even an enterprise-grade chatbot. Thanks to platforms like ChattyPeople, you can create a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) in a matter of minutes.

The platform offers a completely visual user interface and is free to start. Chattypeople chatbots allow your clients to monetize their social media profiles while acting as customer care, marketing, and sales representatives without them having to make a huge additional monetary investment.

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2. Dog walking.

If you work in an office during the day and want to find a way to make some spare cash in the evenings while being outdoors, why not take up dog walking? All you have to do is create an ad and post it in local shop windows. You could even ask your neighborhood if they require your services. Dog walking is not only a great side earner, it's a good way to get some exercise and fresh air.

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3. Content writing

To start your own freelance content writing gig, all you need is a computer and decent writing skills. To find clients, you can sign up to platforms like Upwork and People Per Hour. There are even platforms that are specific to content writers. While you may not make much money at first, the more clients you work with and the more positive feedback you receive, the more you'll be able to charge.

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4. Babysitting

Babysitting is another easy way to make some spare cash in the evenings. While you'll be given the responsibility of looking after a child, often, babysitting gigs involve sitting around until the parents come home. You may even find that the little one is already in bed by the time you arrive.

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5. Managing social media

Who doesn't love spending their evenings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes? Well, social media management is a great way to make some spare cash after a long day at work. While you may feel comfortable on all the aforementioned platforms, social media management can be challenging.

To get started, you could enroll in an online course that teaches you the basics of social media management for business. You could then create a profile on various freelancing websites to find clients. Be warned, that social media management does take some getting used to and can be quite time-consuming. That said, it normally pays extremely well.

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6. Housesitting

Similarly to dog walking and babysitting, housesitting involves looking after someone else's property. Perhaps your neighbors are often away on vacation and need someone to check on their house. Or, some people may want a person to live in their home while they're gone. If you're asked to live in someone else's home for a period of time, you could invest your evenings into doing some online work as well.

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7. Writing product reviews

Brands that launch new products need online reviews to convince other customers to buy their products. Sometimes they'll give you a description of their product and ask you to write a short review on websites like Amazon; however, certain companies send free samples of their products so you can write longer reviews that may be published in the form of a blog. In addition to receiving free merchandise, you'll get paid for the content you write.

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8. Sales representative

Being a sales representative doesn't mean that you have to walk door to door trying to hard sell products to people. While you can make money doing just that, you can also do it over the phone. While not the most glamorous of jobs, some companies pay you by the hour instead of a commission, meaning that no matter what happens, you'll receive a regular income.

In addition, you could also host parties. For example, Avon and Tupperware are two companies that are known for having representatives that host parties either in their own homes or at the request of clients. They then invite their friends over and showcase their products. Traditionally, you'll only receive a commission rather than a regular income from these activities.

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9. Data entry

Data entry is a mindless and easy way to make some spare cash after a long day at work. The best part about data entry is that you can cuddle up on the sofa with your laptop and type away throughout the evening.

While it does depend on the company, data entry jobs are normally not very well paid. That said, the quicker you type and the more data you enter, the more you'll get paid. Traditionally, data entry pays according to the amount of data you enter into your designated spreadsheet.

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10. Becoming a virtual assistant.

More and more businessmen and women are hiring virtual assistants to help them with their day-to-day operations. Hiring someone online saves them a lot of money on desk space, electricity, and so on. It's also a great way for you to make some spare cash.

Typically, a virtual assistant will be expected to perform the same tasks as a normal assistant and some of these could include scheduling meetings, data entry, responding to emails, and answering the phone. Depending on your employer, you may be required to write blog posts and do some social media management.

This type of job can be time-consuming and demanding, but with the right employer, it's a great way to earn some spare cash after a long day at work. You could even make it a full-time gig if you enjoy it.

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Thanks to the internet and advancements in technology, making some spare cash is easier than ever. Whether you want to sit at home on the sofa in your pajamas or get some more fresh air, the options mentioned above will allow you to make extra money in the evenings without disturbing your lifestyle.

Murray Newlands

Entrepreneur, business advisor and online-marketing professional

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is the founder of ChattyPeople.com chatbot builder tool and Sighted.com. Read his blog MurrayNewlands.com.

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