15 Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now -- Little-to-No Money or Special Skills Required

Exclusive data from Handy shows which side hustles on its platform are the most popular, most lucrative and fastest-growing.

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If you're one of the thousands of people who turned to a side hustle to make ends meet in 2020, chances are you're still looking for the easiest, most efficient ways to make some extra money in 2021. 

You might be an expert Ikea-furniture-assembler, seasoned at helping your friends move or just good at household tasks, and platforms like Handy are an easy way to test out a side hustle without making a big initial investment.

HomeAdvisor data shows 86% of homeowners say they are spending more time at home due to the pandemic, and that spending on home improvement is up $745 year-over-year. Handy reports that 71% of the "Pros" on its platform believe there's a shortage of skilled tradespeople, meaning there's plenty of work for everyone who wants to get into the industry. The cost to enter the home services industry, particularly in non-licensed fields, is low, and you can hit the ground running as soon as you're approved to join the platform. 

Need ideas of jobs to get started? Handy provided Entrepreneur with exclusive data on which jobs on its platform are most popular, most lucrative and fastest-growing right now. If you have experience in any of these areas, adding a side hustle on Handy could be a quick way to get new customers and earn more money. 

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Home cleaning

Do you keep your own place spic and span? Consider picking up this side job, which is one of the most popular on Handy's platform. 

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Furniture assembly

Consider starting a furniture assembly side hustle if you're good with your hands (bonus points if you have Ikea expertise).
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TV mounting

Mounting a TV is a little thing that can make a big impact — this is highly in-demand among Handy's users. 
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Moving help

Have friends taken advantage of your offers to help with their moves one too many times? Start a moving help side hustle to get paid for your hard work. 
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Roof repair

This requires special skills and experience, but it'll pay off — roof repair is one of the most lucrative jobs on Handy.

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Grout repair service

All this time at home has people wanting to redo their bathrooms, and one of the quickest ways to freshen one up is to replace the grout. If you're a tile expert, this side hustle has one of the highest hourly rates on Handy. 
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Pool repair

Pools are skyrocketing in popularity after people spent a whole summer at home, and that means pool repair services will be in high demand as well. 
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Skylight repair and install

This niche industry will require you have some experience, but it's lucrative. 
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Home theater AV setup

When you can't go to the movie theater, you bring the theater to you. 
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Garage door installation

This is another niche skill, but if you have it it's one of the fastest-growing jobs on Handy. 
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Smart security cam installation

Another one of the fastest-growing jobs on Handy, installing security cameras is something you don't need special skills to do. 
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Smart thermostat installation

Finally, this is another fast-growing job that doesn't require any special skills — if you've installed smart thermostats in your own home, you're halfway there. 
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Jessica Thomas is the senior digital content director at Entrepreneur. Prior to this role, she spent nearly five years on staff at Worth magazine and was a staff writer for Bustle. 

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